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Free MMORPG - Perfect World International - PWI: Reflections Patch Notes
September 24, 2012

PWI: Reflections Patch Notes 

Version 658

Released August 08, 2012




- The Territory War changes outlined further below prompted us to research a refund system. More info can be found at:

Unfortunately, this refund system is not yet implemented. However, any bids made starting today will be refunded retroactively once the system is in place.





New Zone: Realm of Reflection

- Players may now enter this realm to gain Exp/Spirit automatically by expending Reflective Shards.

- Reflective Shards may be obtained from various repeatable quests and instances, including but not limited to Cube of Fate, Bounty Hunter, Daily Attendance, and Daily Morai Order quests.



New Seasonal Quests

- A new series of quests are available at most major cities for players Lv20-40. Completable daily.



New Purchasable Items in all Morai Orders

- For the cost of Influence, players may now purchase Exp/Spirit/Reputation boost items from any Order.



New PK Event in Morai

- From 19:00 to 22:00 on each Saturday, Lv95+ players who enter Morai will be tasked to take down members of other Orders in a new PK event. If PK is not your cup of tea, there are monsters who may also satisfy the quest's requirements. During this PK event, players will not lose items or Exp due to PK and will not fall into red-name status.

- Lurking in the midst of the carnage is a giant animated teddy bear (designed and developed by your very own US Production team). He holds the egg to a teddy bear cub minipet. Will you be the one to survive the fighting to obtain a Sir Cuddlesworth of your very own?

- A litter of 3 Sir Cuddlesworth eggs may be traded to any Order leader for a full-sized Lord Cuddlesworth minipet.



New Reforge Revert

- An enigmatic forge-wright, named Spirit of the Forge, has made its appearance in Archosaur and provides a new option for players reforging their Lunar & Twilight Temple weapons or Rank 8 Ascended equipment.

- By choosing to reforge with this NPC, players can revert back to their items' original stats should they not desire the new reforged stats. This occurs only after the reforging process and will consume the necessary materials to reforge for each attempt regardless of the player's choice.



New Wedding Ring trade-in

- A alternative fashion set is now an available as a reward for the Ring of Silver Wedding at the Matchmaker Servant.



9 Trials

- Damascene Ore is now a possible reward for completing the 9 Trials on the initial run.

- Subsequent completion of the Trials before it reset yields rewards in greater quantities.






- Increased Exp/Spirit rewards for Spiritual Cultivation quests up to Lv60.

- Low Level "Starter" quests for Humans, Untamed and Winged Elves increased in Exp & Coins.

- The Damage Ranking functionality has been moved to a new NPC: Lady Cherry in Thousand Streams & Archosaur.




PK Changes


PvP server zone changes

- Players under Lv30 on PvP servers can now be attacked in certain non-safe zones.

- Major cities and instances are unaffected. PvE servers are unaffected.



Territory Wars: 

- Bidding now require 10 Million Big Notes, maximum of 99.

- Price to construct of Towers increased to 500,000 coins.

- Base Crystals' Hit Points, damage from Towers, and Number of Turrets all increased.



PK Item Flagging

- When players drop items due to PK death while in red-named state, those items will be flagged for 30 seconds to pick up by the person who killed them. After which they're free for all.




Skill Changes



- Spoils of War cooldown reduced to 3 seconds.

- Items dropped via Spoils of War are now flagged for the Assassin for 30 seconds, before changing to free for all.

- New Assassin skill "Keeper of Treasures" grants user immunity to Spoils of War.



Item Changes

- Banquet Reservations duration increased from 24 to 72 hours.

- Rank 8 "Ascended" set bonuses for Wizard and Clerics increased.

- Faction/Squad Signets now usable in Atuin's Blighted Chamber.

- Low level DQ items now vendor for 1 coin.

- Morai Order Teleportation Scrolls cannot be used in combat.



User Interface

- Quest logs will now track up to 8 rewards for quests that grant such.

- Nearby squad members will now appear as blue named on the Squad UI.

- Nearby faction members will now appear as blue dots on the Minimap UI.



Bug Fixes

- Cleric skill Magic Shell is no longer overridden by Dew of Star Protection or Faith buff from Scarlet Axes.

- AEU, Chigo wing: Balance Light / Balance Shadow quests no longer fails if player goes offline or leader changes.

- AEU, Locen wing: quest from Alabaster Transient / Obsidian Transient is now obtainable by only 1 squad member.

- Caster Robes for Rank 9 "Omen" tier set are now obtainable.

- Genie EXP Cubes no longer have incorrect values when sold via a catshop.


Free MMORPG - Perfect World International (PWI)

Sep 24th, 2012

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