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Free MMORPG - Perfect World International - PWI - Battle Pets and More!
October 2, 2012


Starting early Wednesday morning we'll be running a sale on some great chance packs and utility items!




Items going on sale this week:

  • Guardian Scroll
  • Perfect Iron Hammer
  • Perfect Chest
  • Battle Pet Pack 


This sale will run from from 10/3 at 1am server til 10/24/2012 at 1am server!




  Battle Pet Pack

Each of these packs contains between 10 and 50 units of either Phoenix Feathers or Source of Force. See the Mrs. Zoologist NPC in Archosaur when you have enough of these (9999) to be able to trade for either the Baby Hercules or Baby Blazing Phoenix Battle Pets. Please note that these incredibly powerful battle pets can only be used by the the Venomancer class.   






hercules  Baby Hercules (9999 Source of Force)


Ever wanted to run a yourself? The Baby Hercules battle pet and a little tactical savvy will allow you to run through certain high level dungeons by yourself, reaping the benefits of not having to split loot.









phoenix  Baby Blazing Phoenix (9999 Phoenix Feathers)


Looking to make an impression on your enemies? The Baby Blazing Phoenix is a sight that will likely have them running the opposite direction!  While the Hercules excels in PvE, the Blazing Phoenix specializes in PvP, although really, incredible damage is pretty useful anywhere, right?












  Perfect Iron Hammer



Did you hit level 50 only to find that your Supply Stash's next gift required an extra item to open it? The Perfect Iron Hammer is the tool for the job-- an item that can be used to unlock some of the most useful treasures you'll find during your journey through Perfect World!


This hammer can be used to open three different boxes:


  • LVL 50 Supply Stash
  • LVL 80 Supply Stash
  • Chest of Coins



Opening the LVL 50 Supply Stash will grant you 1x Chest of Coins100x Large Healing Potions100x Large Mana Potions and access to one of these fine weapons:



Note: These weapons are on a 2 week time limit-- once this time runs out, the weapon will disappear.











Opening the LVL 80 Supply Stash (which is the final level of the Supply Stash), grants access to 30 Mirage Celestones and the world-famous:









  Guardian Scroll

This item, when carried in your inventory, will prevent you from suffering the more bothersome consequences of death, such as EXP loss and item loss. Carry one of them around always for piece of mind and a spring in your step.  





   Perfect Chest


The Perfect Chest is a chance box with some really astounding possible prizes like mounts,  a rare Dalmation non-combat pet, and even the two Venomancer Battle Pets (no Phoenix Feathers/Source of Force required!)




To view/purchase items in the Boutique, press the "O" (oh) key.

To Charge ZEN, click here!

To Earn Free ZEN, click here!



Free MMORPG - Perfect World International (PWI)

Oct 2nd, 2012

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