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PWI: Sirens of War - Patch Notes - Version 676
November 13, 2012

PWI: Sirens of War Patch Notes


Version 676


Released November 14th, 2012






Due to the large file size of this update, the patcher may take a long time to fully update the client. We suggest players use the manual patches to update. They can be found here.




Nation Wars

New regular event that occurs every Friday and Sunday at 20:20 to 22:20 server time, for players Lv60+.  Players may enter Nation Wars by speaking with Overseer Aeban in North Archosaur (548, 674).


Players Lv60-99 may be granted an attack and defense bonus by speaking with NPCs within the Nation War regions in order to compete against the higher level players.


Players will be awarded Supply Tokens based on their nation’s success in each 2-hour war, as well as their own participation in each skirmish. The total number of available Supply Tokens to be won will depend on the size of each server. I.e., larger servers have a larger total pool of Tokens to be earned, while smaller servers have a smaller total pool of Tokens to be earned by all players.


Supply Tokens can be used to purchase new weapons and equipment, as well as older materials for equipment such as Rank 8 gear upgrades, Warsoul weapons, Tomes, and Uncanny and Rapture Crystals. Additionally, there are new power boost items that persist through death for a fixed time, for players Lv101-105. Use the Contemplation Forge in north Archosaur near Deputy Drakh (548, 674) for more details.


Territory Wars

Territory Wars scheduling has been changed. The new schedule is as follows: Saturday 20:00 => Saturday 14:00 => Sunday 14:00 => Saturday 8:00 => Monday 14:00.


The total number of scheduled wars per slot has been increased from 7 battles to 11 battles.


Weekly rewards have increased. In addition to coin, factions will now also receive Mirage Celestones.


Realm of Reflection

A new Deep Reflection system is now available for 2x experience and spirit points gains. This feature uses a new item, Radiant Shards.


Players may now jump at full height and open consignment (cat) shops.


Auto-Potion Function

A new system has been added that allows the automatic triggering of consumable items, including health, mana, attack, defense, and many other potions. This system will be accessible via time-limited Health Stones.


Dragon Orbs

Jewelcraftsmen now accept combinations of Dragon Orbs (5 Star) and Chienkun Stones to craft Dragon Orbs (9 Star), Ocean (10 Star), Mirage (11 Star), and Flame (12 Star).


New Quests:

Lv50-80 quests have been added. Please check the Available Quests tab upon reaching the appropriate levels.


Seasonal Quests:

The Summer seasonal quests have been replaced with Autumn seasonal quests.


Existing Quests:

Many Spiritual Cultivation quests Lv30+ have been increased EXP/Spirit/Rewards.


Many Lv30-70 quests have increased EXP and Spirit rewards with decreased kill requirements.


New quest for Lv30 characters to obtain a flying mount.


Players may now receive Fortune’s Bounty quests until Lv60.  Speak to Harbinger of Fortune Woyn.



Warsong City and Lunar Glade: Enemy damage has been reduced, but boss difficulty has been increased.


Warsong City now has two new upgrades for the final elemental and protection belts, and a new way to create the initial belts. These belts are now bound, but account stashable.


Phoenix Valley: Lv75 and lower variants have had enemy HP decreased.


Skill Updates:

See this post for details.


Minor Updates:

New login screen and loading screens added.


UI: the Quest Tracker has been updated to show both Current and Available Quests.


UI: The Level Guide has been updated.


Lady Amaranth is no longer managing the Damage Rankings; she has been replaced by Smooth Antoine.


Many quest-granting NPCs now appear in other major cities.


Bug Fixes:


Destruction Seal and Chaos Seal quests can no longer be trashed.


Nirvana final boss, Vanished Ancestor, will no longer clip through the ceiling.


Known Issue:

Secret Passage is once again forced-PVP. Players Lv1-29 can be PKed again. This issue will be fixed in a future update.


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Nov 13th, 2012

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