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Arc News
PWI: Dawn of Spring Content Update - v703
March 20, 2013

Nation Wars:

  • Map expanded from 80 to 132 regions.
  • Warsoul weapons may now be reforged.


New Quests

  • The seasonal quests have been updated from Autumn to Winter.
  • Bounty Order Quests: New Lv21-80 daily quest system that allows players to earn coin. Speak to Jolly Old Jones.


User Interface:

  • Trade interface:
    • Added a trade warning when either player changes items or coin values.
    • Trade interface now displays more information about your trading partner.
  • Consignment Shop: When using a Vendor License, players may now choose to auto-convert coin values to Ten Million Big Notes, based on the player's own chosen threshold values.



  • Phoenix Valley: Players may now choose to teleport to any major city when they leave Phoenix Valley.
  • All newly created players now start with a Supply Stash in their inventory.
  • Removed PK from Secret Passage.
  • GM Support Button now opens a browser window to our support page.
  • Added new items to the Bidding Hall


Bug Fixes:

  • Faction Slogans can use spaces again.
  • Fixed a crash bug that occurred during Nation Wars.
Mar 20th, 2013

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