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Arc News
Cash Shop Update
August 3, 2016

Check out the new items being added to the cash shop this week and the new chance pack available for a limited time!

New Friendship Items

99 Roses

Bestows a defense buff and particle effect on another player. Also gives points for the Beauty Queen and Love King Rankings


1 Rose

Bestows a defense buff and particle effect on another player (does not count toward rankings)



Companion Items

Companion mailing, repair and stash guides are now available. 


Social Energy Remedy

Restores 30 Social Energy


Instance Energy Remedy

Restores 50 Instance Energy


Couple Pack

Contains the Male and Female Wedding Pack at a discounted price.


Ultimate Kill Order

Used to teleport into the Ebonwood Cliff event



Cheer your friends up with some fireworks! All the new fireworks give points in the Fireworks ranking.

Blue Asteroid Golden Colored Dragon Wings  Moonlight Renewal Scattered Stars Meteor Fountain Ice and Fire
Shadow Walk Purple Dream Blue Colored Karma Lantern Delight Lantern Joy Lantern  




New Accessories [F, M, G]

Black Cat Tail



New Chance Pack

Verdant Casket

Open this new chance pack and receive one of the following items:

Dark Lost Art Books

Lost Art Complete Sets

Ocean Vast Hat (F)

Ocean Vast Outfit (F)


Ocean Vast Hat (M)

Ocean Vast Outfit (M)

Flower Plume Umbrella


Spiritual Rhino

Disabling Potion

Metal Dart Box

Metal Flying Box

Orange Cargo Order

Silver Wire IV

Ancient Pattern IV

Luck Changing Bead

Projectile Pack

Safeguard Paperwork

Luck Changing Bead

Collector Stone

Bronze Gear


LV3 Refinement Stone

LV2 Reinvigoration Pill



Price Changes


Ancient Blueprints

490 125


Refresh Orb III

1000 400


Phoenix Pill

50 25


Phoenix Pill Pack

450 200


Frontier Missive

300 50


Crafter's Pill

100 40



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Aug 3rd, 2016

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