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Arc News
Charge Rewards
July 18, 2016

Use your charge rewards for exclusive items in our points rewards or rewards raffle!


Charge Rewards are only available for a limited time, so don't miss out!

Rewards Points Begin: Monday, July 18, 2016 (6:00 PM PDT) 
Rewards Points End: Sunday, July 31, 2016 (11:59 PM PDT)
Rewards Points Redemption End: Sunday, August 7, 2016 (11:59 PM PDT)


Here's what you can win from the Charge Rewards Raffle:


Spring Dawn  Fashion Pack   

Contains a male or female Spring Dawn outfit and hat. 

Stardust Pack


Grants a random amount of bound stardust when opened. 

Safeguard Paperwork


Book about modifying and enhancing the attack power of a Projectile Box. It is said that this technique was lost a long time ago.

Advanced Smelting Stone

Golden matter that can be used to Smelt Celestial weapons.

Luck Changing Bead

Resets your fortune upon using. Can be used up to 10 times a day

Bronze Gear

Gain 180 Projectile box EXP after using

Collectors Stone

Exchange five for a card in the collector’s fortune interface..

Gear Essence

An essence obtained from Gear Disassembly. Used to infuse a temporary buff to another gear item of the same level or to level up your Gem Cleansing Stove. 

Gem Chest V

Contains a random LV5 gem

Martial Majesty Pack

Contains one of the following: Burning Leech Scroll Pack, Gold Palm Scroll Pack, Ocean Blast Scroll Pack, Death Charm Pack, Ocean Blast Vol I, Ocean Blast Vol II, Ocean Blast Vol III, Ocean Blast Vol IV, Death Charm Vol I, Death Charm Vol II, Death Charm Vol III, Death Charm Vol IV



   Spring Dawn Pack Fashion Dyed White (Colors will be random)


Here's what you can purchase with Charge Rewards Points:

Spring Dawn Hat (F)


Female dyeable fashion hat

Spring Dawn Hat (M)


Male dyeable fashion hat

Spring Dawn Hat (G)


Little girl dyeable fashion hat

Spring Dawn Outfit (F)

Female dyeable fashion outfit

Spring Dawn Outfit (M)

Male dyeable fashion outfit

Spring Dawn Outfit (G)

Little girl dyeable fashion outfit

Frozen Aurora

2 person bear mount

Thorn Coral IV

Rare gem that grants +143 Strength

Horn Coral IV

Rare gem that grants +143 Willpower

Elephant Stomp Pack

Grants all the books and pages of Elephant Stomp

Spring Dawn Male and Female Dyed White (Color will be random)


  • For every Sycee that you transfer into the game during the Earning Period your account will receive 1 Charge Reward Point.
  • Spending Charge reward points does NOT spend your Sycee
  • Your account will not be credited with Charge Reward Points until the Sycee is actually transferred to the server.
  • 100 Sycee transferred to Swordsman = 100 Bonus Points (Example: If you charge 1000 Sycee you earn 1000 points).
  • Many of these prizes will be bound to your character, so please double check the rewards before redeeming.
  • Charge reward points will be reset after this promotion
  • Each charge raffle spin costs 20 reward points





Visit the page to spend your rewards now!



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Jul 18th, 2016

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