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    The ultimate in ranged stealth takedowns - the throwing knife. A well-thrown knife will take down an agent instantly. After your kill, pick up your deadly knife and get to cleaning out more enemies. The sale starts today and ends 9/29 at 9AM.
    If that doesn't convince you, check out this video:
    ... Read More
    September 25, 2014

    bl-news |  blacklight-retribution

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    Get the advantage on your enemies and shock them lifeless with Stun Shurikens. With one throw, three stars will stun your target for just enough time to finish them off. Spawn this piece of gear for 20% off this weekend. Sale ends 9/22 at 9AM PDT. Read More
    September 19, 2014


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    The new Featured Hero is Artemis. Check her out and all her cool gear.
    Artemis is a Hardsuit specialist hero and wears her pilot’s suit into battle. Artemis comes with a taunt, Flight – she knows how to celebrate a goal. With all her training, M. Akimoto is ready to join the ranks and hit the bat... Read More
    September 16, 2014


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    Agents! What's better than throwing a gigantic tomahawk? This weekend, we're putting Sonic Tomahawks on sale! This throwing weapon is extremely versatile and can be used as a standard melee weapon or dart in, throw at enemy agents and pick it up again.
    The Sonic Tomahawk is functionally similar ... Read More
    September 12, 2014


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    This week, the Snubnose Pistol is free in the Weekly Weapon Pack.
    The Snubnose Pistol is an updated version of the "Saturday Night Special". It's small, it's compact and it's very deadly.
    - The Snubnose may be tiny but it packs a huge punch! It’s high damage is greater than most of the traditio... Read More
    September 9, 2014


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    Prepare yourself for battle this weekend with the Protection Gear Pack. Get it for 20% off this weekend before you start a gaming session and choose the protection gear that you need to survive. One-day versions of items that protect against fire, melee and toxic damage.The sale is going on now. G... Read More
    September 5, 2014


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    This weekend, we are pulling out some exclusive packs for our Agents. Onslaught Packs are on sale and loaded up with tons of permanent receivers, scopes, stocks, heroes, and even skins!
    The only items left out are consumables and anything that was an award or a GP item, not a ZEN purchase. Thes... Read More
    August 28, 2014


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    It’s time to grab that one-hit kill Breach Hammer you’ve had your eye on. This deadly melee weapon is vital for your survival. It takes only one strike to instantly kill your enemies. The sale is going on this weekend so grab the Breach Hammer today for 20% off from 8/22 to 8/25 9AM PDT.
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    August 22, 2014

    bl-news |  blacklight

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    Hey Adventurers!
    Neverwinter is now officially live in Brazil. Connecting Brazilian gamers everywhere with our engaging action MMORPG is part of our goal to expand our online games globally. We are excited to finally offer a complete gaming experience in Portuguese.
    Players can register, downloa... Read More
    February 18, 2014


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