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Marketplace Update

Von clearmind
Do 08 Feb 2018 09:00:00 PST


Check out the new items being added to the cash shop this week and the new chance pack available for a limited time!



The following events will be active from 2/8/18 to 2/28/18:

  • Guard Marriage Karma Tree
    • A celebration of labor and love! Find the Matchmaker in Luo Yang with your beloved to receive your Marriage Karma Tree Seed.  Together, nurture the seed and guard it against monsters! Once the tree is fully grown, pick the Marriage Karma Fruit for great rewards!
  • Fireworks Light Up the Sky
    • LV30+ players can speak with the Event Envoy to accept the Fireworks quest.  Complete the quest for rewards!
  • First Login Of the Week (FLOW) Pack Weekly Reward
  • 1x Battlefield Supply Crate has been added to Daily Activity Rewards at 70 points.
    • The Daily Battlefield Supply Crate Login Reward will end after February 14th, 2018!



50% off Fashion - Dye

50% off Social - Guild

30% off Special - Bundles

40% off Social - Marriage

10% off General category

20% off Gems


Chance Packs

Wily Witch Pack

Feline Festival Pack

Valentine's Giftbox

Worldwide Supremacy Pack

Corrupted Moon Orb



This week featuring the brand new Corrupted Moon Orb! Test your luck on this new pack series, become one of the fortunate few to win the elusive Pure Moon Orb!

Corrupted Moon Orb, contains:

  • 5x Moon Coin
  • 10x Corrupted Moon Pack, may contain:
    • Flawed Moon Orb, contains:
      • 5x Moon Coin
      • 10x Flawed Moon Pack, may contain:
        • Pure Moon Orb, contains:
          • 10x Moon Coin
          • 3x Pure Moon Pack, contains one of the following:
            • Phoenix Form A
            • Dragon Form A
            • Turtle Form B
            • Tiger Form A
            • Lotus Mirror
            • Lotus Mirror
            • Rune Crystal x10
            • Rune Shard x100
            • Celestial Feather x10
            • Barrier Break Pill x10
            • Golden Collection Pack
            • 20000 Silver Token Pouch
            • Thorn Coral VI
            • Horn Coral VI


Permanent changes to Special - Packs category

The following Chance Packs will be permanently removed:

  • Verdant Casket
  • Martial Art Pack
  • Chest of Treasures
  • Glazed Bead Box
  • Buddha's Temper Pack
  • Forgotten Trunk
  • Treasure Box
  • Trinkets Chest
  • Book of Lost Arts
  • Soul Bind Pack
  • Black Star Pack
  • Another Storm Pack
  • Hidden Heroes Pack
  • Shard Fragment Chest
  • Royal Sea Chest
  • Royal Sky Chest

The following will be permanently added:

  • Vintage Moon Orb (A)
    • Contains Moon Coin x5, Lost Art Pack x5, Royal Sea Chest x5, Royal Sky Chest x5 and requires at least 4 inventory slots to open.
  • Vintage Moon Orb (B)
    • Contains Moon Coin x5, Star Jade Chest x5, Star Key Chest x5, Martial Art Pack x5 and requires at least 4 inventory slots to open.
  • Vintage Moon Orb (C)
    • Contains Moon Coin x5, Jade Pad Casket x5, Hidden Heroes Pack x5, Another Storm Pack x5 and requires at least 4 inventory slots to open.
  • Vintage Moon Orb (D)
    • Contains Moon Coin x5, Color Jade Chest x5, Color Key Chest x5, Seven-Star Might Pack x5 and requires at least 4 inventory slots to open.


New Items



Moon Force Visor (Face Fashion)


Moon Force (Outfit)


Moon Force (Hat)


Deluxe Donkey LV (Mount)


Burning Leech Scroll Pack


Elephant Stomp Scroll Pack


Flame Order Scroll Pack


Sinew Shift Scroll Pack


Grief Scroll Pack



Moon Force Fashion Set (F, M & G)


Deluxe Donkey LV



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Wir müssen euch leider schweren Herzens mitteilen, dass alle Swordsman-Server am 5. Juni 2018 schließen werden.
Am Mittwoch, den 25. April führen wir eine Serverwartung für Arc durch, was bei einigen unserer Spiele und Dienste zu Einschränkungen führen wird.

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