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Star Conflict

Season 2 - Dreadnoughts Has Arrived!

Von Andy (StrumSlinger)
Fr 27 Mär 2015 06:00:00 PDT

Season 2 - Dreadnoughts has arrived!

  • Corporations can now establish control over virtually all locations in the game. Corporations with control over a location can earn extra income, which may be in the form of Credits or Galactic Standards.
  • Corporations can start building dreadnoughts! A Dreadnought is a huge warship with great destructive power capable of independent jumps between locations. It's quite a complex system. Dreadnoughts are both carriers for corporation fleets and ships with powerful weapons that can damage an enemy Dreadnought.
  • New Alien ships are also in the game. At least two new types of Alien ships have been detected: ‘Predator’ and ‘Scout’.
  • Some of the inhabited systems are destroyed while others are fighting for survival. Refugees speak of anomalies, huge Alien ships and their deadly weapons, which have been used in T5 level zones in border sectors. These locations have become very dangerous even for experienced pilots. Word has it that these powerful Alien ships are called Defilers.
  • New portals are leading into previously uncharted Alien systems. Three Alien systems have been discovered in total. Unique tasks await pilots in each one.
  • The global map has been replenished with locations that used to be exclusive to PvP battles. According to some sources, these sectors became a haven for pirates due to a large-scale Alien attack in all locations.
  • You can also expect new jobs, a consistent map of the world, a new interface and an extended invasion zone available to ships of level T3.


Over and out,

The Arc Team


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Wir widmen dieses Update all unseren Söldnerpiloten. Jene, die Gefechte, Abenteuer und die Geheimnisse des Weltraums lieben.
Season 2 – Dreadnoughts ist da!
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