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Star Trek Online

Intrepid Interior

Von LaughingTrendy | Mi 19 Nov 2014 12:00:00 PST

Samuel “Swallrus” Wall here to talk about the Voyager Interior and the awesome team that put it all together.

The Environment Team and I are happy to announce that you will have the wonderful opportunity to wander the halls and explore every nook and cranny of your very own Intrepid interior. You will have the option to select between the 2371 Intrepid or 2410 Voyager versions.

Both versions will have the iconic rooms you remember from Star Trek: Voyager: the Bridge, Ready Room, Briefing Room, Transporter, Sickbay, Mess Hall, Captain Quarters, Engineering, Cargo Bay with Seven’s regeneration alcove, and Astrometrics.

The difference between the options are that the 2371 version will be like an Intrepid fresh off the line, before the events that caused Voyager to make modifications to the ship. It will have the original Mess Hall with replicators, no Astrometrics, and a normal Cargo Bay. The 2410 version will feature the Mess Hall with Neelix's improvements, Astrometrics, and the Borg alcoves in the Cargo Bay.

For Star Trek Online: Delta Rising, the environment team wanted to bring you one of the iconic interiors for the expansion. This is our third iconic show interior. We started with The Original Series’ Constitution and then did Deep Space Nine’s Defiant. 

We learned a lot from making those interiors, because matching what you see on the shows this closely is a difficult task. Making a full interior is a significant investment of time and resources, so when we make one, it needs to be highlighted throughout our game and not just as a player interior.  

To start off making the interiors we had to decide what we wanted to make. We knew early on we couldn't make all 15 decks. So we started with as much reference material as we could find.  We found stage layouts, original set photos, and we watched a lot of episodes. We mostly were scrubbing through them looking for details and angles that might seem weird to a normal person, but to us it was important to deliver a highly accurate representation of the show’s rooms.

Once we gather all the reference and decided on the rooms we want to make, we started whiteboxing each room, making sure the sizing was appropriately for gameplay while keeping it as accurate to the real space as we could.  

From there, we were able to bring life to the environment and get into the details of the space, and no one artist could have gotten this done in time for the release of Delta Rising. Nick “Tacofangs” Duguid, Dave Kirchmer, Keenan Daufelt, and I all split up the tasks and built the rooms, props, and lit the interior over a period of six months. Along the way, Tacofangs really stepped up to be the vision holder of the project and was always making sure we stayed true to Voyager. Along the way, we made reviews of each room to make sure everything was as show accurate as possible.  

We all are really happy with the final result, and how you can experience it throughout the expansion.  We really hope you enjoy the Intrepid interior, and you can look forward to us bringing you more iconic spaces in the future.  

Looking to grab the interiors? Check out our release of the Intrepid and the various interiors you can get here.

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