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Star Trek Online

A Good Day to Die!

Von Ambassador Kael | Do 09 Feb 2023 09:00:00 PST

For thousands of your Earth years, Klingon Warriors have surged across their planet, and now the depths of space, seeking only honor and glory. Some of you have wisely joined their ranks, but others are hiding behind the protection of your Federations and your Republics. Now is your time to make that right. Step into the light, walk forward in glory, and proclaim that today is a good day to die!

The first step of our 2023 Event Campaign is coming to PC, and we’re continuing the Klingon theme with an event dedicated to our favorite Space Vikings. Or Space Samurai. Look, it depends on the writer. From February 16th at 8am PT to March 9th at 10am PT, you’ll have the chance to participate in six different Task Force Operations – all of them in space – to progress towards both this year’s Event Campaign Grand Prize, and a set of Torchbearer armor and weapons straight out of Season One of Discovery.

The TFOs that will be a part of this event are:

  • Defense of Starbase One
  • To Hell with Honor
  • Battle of the Binary Stars
  • Remain Klingon
  • Operation Riposte
  • Best Served Cold

Torchbearer Collection

Upon completing 14 days of progress on the A Good Day to Die Event, you’ll unlock the Torchbearer Collection. This package of items includes:

  • Torchbearer Armor
  • Torchbearer EV Suit
  • Torchbearer Costume Unlock
  • Torchbearer Bat'leth

These items, sacred to the Klingon Empire, will grant you some new abilities. The Armor will grant you the ability to summon Klingon Warriors to aid you, and those warriors will taunt your enemies and force them to fight in melee range. Both the Armor and the EV Suit give you a bonus to energy resistance, run speed, and knockback resistance. The Bat’leth will deal physical and fire damage, but the fire damage will continue in a cone beyond your initial attacks.

Now, upon claiming this Grand Prize (whether earned or purchased), your account will immediately become eligible for Bonus Progress. The first Bonus Progress rewarded will be accompanied by a reward of 8,000 Dilithium Ore. Earning Bonus Progress each day thereafter will increase this reward by an additional 1,000.

Event Campaign V

Play through multiple Events to earn your choice between Premium Tier-6 Starship Choice (only includes ships released before 12/7/22), OR TWO (2x) Zen Store Tier 6 Starship Discount Coupons, OR a Bundle of 1,500 Lobi Crystals! A total of five Events will participate in this Event Campaign, each contributing Campaign Progress toward this valuable prize. Earn progress for your entire account by participating in an eligible Event, including after claiming the Grand Prize for each individual Event. Once per account, tradeable between your characters.

We hope you enjoy this event, Captains, and we’ll see you in the final frontier.


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