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Star Trek Online

New Items in Mudd's Market!

Von Ambassador Kael | Mo 01 Aug 2022 09:00:00 PDT

My beautiful, beautiful friends! Thank you, once again, for coming into my humble place of business. And especially today, of all days, when we gather in the spirit of Unity! Of Togetherness! Of…of…other words that mean the same thing! Just like the grand Khitomer Alliance that is bringing the galaxy together, you all here have an opportunity to become part of something greater. Specifically, the Khitomer Alliance, when you purchase my recently stocked uniforms and starship livery of that same alliance! With these on your person, no one will question – uh, er…your commitment to galactic peace. That’s it, yes.


What’s more, we have taken two items from the Klingon Empire for your enjoyment! And by “taken,” I of course mean purchased respectfully, no need to glare at me like that, Gor’taaagh! First, your very own pet Targ! The pet craze that’s sweeping the galaxy, but this one comes with a few…modifications. Don’t get too close to those laser horns! And a new, exciting item, the very Sword wielded by Molor, the King of Klingon Hell! Or something equivalent anyway. Please, line up in good order, and you may make your purchase orders with my assistant, who is also Harcourt Fenton Mudd.


We’re adding three new items to Mudd’s Market, starting on August 2nd! Grab The Khitomer Alliance Uniform and Vanity Shield, Molor’s Sword, and the Nanopulse War Targ Ground Combat Pet, and remember to keep an eye out for when Mudd suddenly slashes his prices. In fact, from August 2nd at 8am PT to August 8th at 10am PT, you can save 75% on almost everything in Mudd’s Market, not including the bundles. Happy shopping, Captains!


Looking to get the "canon" Khitomer Alliance look? Check out this costume guide we made a few years ago.



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