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Star Trek Online

Legendary Scimitar Intel Dreadnought Warbird

Von Ambassador Kael | Do 05 Aug 2021 09:00:00 PDT

Just as the previous ships of the lineage did when launched, the Legendary Scimitar Intel Dreadnought Warbird represents the cutting edge of Romulan starship design. Extreme power, violence, and strength all scream out of the harsh lines of the ship, when it deigns to make itself visible. That itself is a rare occasion, as the ship contains a uniquely powerful cloaking system, which can not only function with the shields still active, but can even manage to fire weapons without breaking its cloak for a duration. Topping all this awe-inspiring power, the ship's core powers contains a Thalaron weapon, capable of devastating incredible areas in a single blast emitted from its wingtips. Elegance, brutality, subterfuge, overwhelming presence, precision tactics, blunt application of force - all contradictions wrapped up and balanced on a knife's edge in one deadly package - or, rather, a sword's edge - the Scimitar.

This starship's design was influenced by the Tal Shiar Assimilated starships. These massive and imposing starships are durable and bristling with weaponry, but they are very slow to maneuver.

This starship features a Commander Tactical/Intelligence specialist Bridge Officer Seat and a Lieutenant Commander Engineering/Command specialist bridge officer seat.

Legendary Scimitar Intel Dreadnought Warbird Stats

Tier: 6
Faction: Any
Hull Modifier: 1.4
Shield Modifier: 1.15
Fore Weapons: 5
Aft Weapons: 3
Device Slots: 4

Bridge Officer Stations: Commander Tactical/Intel, Lieutenant Commander

Engineering/Command, Lieutenant Commander Universal, Lieutenant

Universal, Ensign Universal

Consoles: 5 Tactical, 3 Engineering, 3 Science
Base Turn Rate: 7.5
Impulse Modifier: .15
Inertia: 30
+15 Weapons Power, +5 Engine Power
Console - Universal - Cloaked Barrage
Console - Universal - Secondary Shields
Console - Universal - Singularity Detector Unit
Console - Universal - Adaptive Emergency Systems
Console - Universal - Violent Dampening Wave
Console - Universal - Fleet Weapon Acceleration
Warp Signature Masking
Gather Intelligence
  • Expose Vulnerability: Defenses
  • Expose Vulnerability: Weapon Systems
  • Expose Vulnerability: Critical Systems
Can Equip Dual Cannons
Hangar Bays: 1 - Romulan Drone Ships
Scimitar Battle Cloak

Singularity Warp Core

  • 40 Base Power for All Subsystems
  • Plasma Shockwave
  • Quantum Absorption
  • Warp Shadows
  • Singularity Jump
  • Singularity Overcharge

Starship Ability Package (Tactical Warbird)

  • Precise Weapon Systems (+Accuracy)
  • Enhanced Singularity Circuitry (+Singularity Gain, -Singularity Cooldown)
  • Enhanced Weapon Systems (+Weapon Damage)
  • Devastating Weaponry (+Critical Chance)
  • Checkmate, Super Charged Weapons, Adaptive Hull Plating (Starship Traits)
  • She's a Predator (Account Unlocked Starship Trait)


New Account Unlocked Trait: She's a Predator

Upon reaching level 6 in this starship's mastery, you will unlock the She's a Predator Trait for all characters on your account! While this trait is slotted, activating any attack pattern ability heals you for a percentage of your max health grants damage equal to your Ambush bonus, and reduces your cloak cooldown. This can only happen once per several seconds.


New Visual Variant: Tal’Shiar Adapted Dreadnought Warbird

Not content with splicing borg technology with mere battleships, Tal’Shiar scientists have finally succeeded in integrated nerve-stapled Borg technology with arcane Reman computer technology. This innovation has allwed them to develop and deploy massive adapted dreadnought warbirds assimilated from discarded wreckage of Scimitar-class Dreadnought Warbirds destroyed in the Iconian War. These technological monstrosities are sinister, ugly and imposing; just the way the Tal’Shiar likes it.

Other Included Variants

In addition to the brand-new parts, the Legendary Scimitar Intel Dreadnought Warbird includes all of the following starship visual variants:


Neueste Beiträge Mehr

Boostet mit dem Legendären Sternenflottencaptain-Paket einen Sternenflotten-Charakter des Jahres 2409 sofort auf Level 65 und erhaltet zudem die Legendäre Vesta-Klasse!
Captains auf dem PC können für kurze Zeit von 20% Rabatt auf Schiffe profitieren!
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