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Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online is coming to Birmingham, England!

Von Ambassador Kael | Di 22 Okt 2019 08:30:00 PDT

Star Trek Online is heading for Destination Star Trek: Birmingham! We will be at the convention for the entire weekend, from October 25th to October 27th, and we look forward to meeting you and talking with you about STO. It's the biggest celebration of Star Trek in Europe and there will be plenty of your favorite Star Trek and STO actors there, like Levar Burton, JG Hertzler, Denise Crosby, Chase Masterson and of course our newest member, Anthony Rapp! EU Design Lead Tim Davies, Lead Environment Artist Scot Boyd, and Community Manager Mike Fatum will be there to talk with Anthony Rapp about his work in Discovery and Awakening. We’ll be on stage for four different panels that weekend, and you can find the schedule below. You want more stars? Here is a small selection of stars already confirmed for the Star Trek Destination in Birmingham:






Learn the latest news about Star Trek Online: Awakening, play Star Trek Online right on our booth and receive exclusive goodies from the game from our team. We have also prepared some exciting games for you and of course another section for great photo shoots. But that is not all. Our friends at Gameprint will bring a collection of 3D printed Star Trek Online ships! With some luck and skill, one of them may soon be yours.

Our away team will bring a lot of swag for you, including holographic bridge officers of Gabriel Lorca and Ellen Landry. We have a limited number of code cards for each platform, and we’ll also be bringing pins and comm badges for you.

We look forward to seeing you. Come over! Here are the details:


Eaglemoss Hero Collector Ships

Friday October 25th on the Voyager stage

Earlier this year, Eaglemoss released their first ever ship from Star Trek Online, the Enterprise F, and it looks fantastic. Then, this year at STLV, we announced that Eaglemoss was partnering with STO for a full line of ships. Want to know what’s coming up? This panel is for you.

  • Host:
    • Mike Fatum, Community Manager


Star Trek Online launches Awakening with Anthony Rapp

Friday October 25th on the Voyager stage

Welcome to Awakening! Take a look at the latest update to Star Trek Online, the free-to-play online game based on the most famous sci-fi universe ever. Mike Fatum of Cryptic will team up with Anthony Rapp of Discovery to discuss his role in the game, Lieutenant Paul Stamets.

  • Host:
    • Mike Fatum, Community Manager
  • Anthony Rapp – Lieutnant Paul Stamets in Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek Online


The Art of Star Trek Online

Saturday, October 26th on the Voyager stage

Star Trek is art. Design Lead Tim Davies and Lead Environment Artist Scot Boyd will show some of their awesome work for Star Trek Online.

  • Host:
    • Tim Davies, EU Design Lead
    • Scot Boyd, Lead Environment Artist


What is Star Trek Online?

Sunday, October 27th on the Voyager stage (TBD)

Explore the iconic Star Trek universe from within. Create your own captain, chose from four factions and command over 700 different starships. Chase Masterson joins Design Lead Tim Davies to talk about Star Trek Online.

  • Host:
    • Tim Davies, EU Design Lead
  • Chase Masterson - Leeta in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek Online


And if you can‘t come to Birmingham, we will present you all the details shortly after the convention. We can not wait to meet you there!



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