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Star Trek Online

First Contact Day

Von Ambassador Kael | Fr 31 Mär 2017 10:00:00 PDT


“First Contact Day”

Stardate 88258.9, Bozeman, Montana

“I often wonder how humanity managed to emerge from the 21st century with a functional sense of hearing.”  Chief Medical Officer Savel stared icily at the local source of sonic discomfort, a single eyebrow arched in disapproval.  “The volume level from this… noise box is several decibels above a safe, optimal range.”

Science Officer Tem smiled widely at the Vulcan physician’s comments. “It’s called a ‘jukebox,’ Doctor. I believe the staff is attempting to create an authentic 2063 experience for the visitors. Several of Doctor Cochrane’s favorites are in there, if memory serves.”

“Clearly, Cochrane’s genius was limited to warp theory and engineering, not music.” Savel moved to join his fellow officers at their table within the Crash-n-Burn Bar – or, rather, a recreation of that establishment, circa April, 2063. The original didn’t make it out of that tumultuous era intact, unlike its most famous customer.

“I enjoy this music. There was something similar on Cait during that time period as well,” Tactical Officer Kyona took a sip of her drink while regarding the doctor with amusement. “Our version is faster… with more shouting and hissing.”

“I amend my previous statement to include Caitians,” replied Savel. “Who, by the composition of the beverage you are currently consuming, are fond of damaging their livers as well as their hearing.”

“My father would love this drink,” Kyona grinned, her long tail twitching with glee. “He brews his own beer back on the farm, but it doesn’t have a kick like this!”

“There’s reactor coolant that doesn’t have a kick like this,” Tem replied after taking a sip of her own drink and wrinkling her nose. “This stuff could flatten a raging Nausicaan!”

Savel looked around the bar, focusing on the numerous patches and plaques on display. “The décor is far more interesting than the music or the libations,” he said after a moment. “It is mission heraldry from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, late-20th to mid-21st century. Evidence that science and logic weren’t completely alien to humanity at that time.”

“Early space programs of Earth… some of my favorite reading at the Academy,” Tem said thoughtfully. “NASA took ‘going boldly’ to a new level back in those days. For my money, the Apollo 13 simulation is far more challenging than the Kobayashi Maru.”

“I confess to having a certain nostalgic interest in this place,” mused Savel. “My wife’s mother served with a member of the T’Plana-Hath’s crew. I had the honor of meeting him once, before his passing.”

Tem’s eyebrows raised in surprise. “I had no idea! That’s amazing, Savel. You met one of the first Vulcans to make First Contact with humans! He must have had a few stories to tell.”

“Indeed,” Savel replied. “His impression of Doctor Cochrane was… memorable.”

“I can imagine,” Tem replied. “The man was a little notorious at times.”

“It takes a certain kind of character to sit on top of a missile with a warp drive prototype inside and hit the ignition switch,” said Kyona. “Cochrane had that kind of character, notorious or not.”

“He’s lucky to have survived,” said Tem. “From what I’ve read, it’s a miracle the Phoenix made it off the ground, let alone into space.”

“If I recall today’s event schedule clearly,” Savel said. “You’ll have your chance to replicate the flight, although in miniature form.”

“That’s right! They do that every year… people build a replica of the Phoenix, using parts hidden on the grounds, then launch it,” replied Tem with a sideways grin. “I’ve always wanted to try that. O’Brien and his Engineering team took first place last year, and he’s been smug about it ever since.”

“We should do it!” Kyona’s whiskers twitched with enthusiasm. “All of us… even you, Doctor!”

“I fail to see why my participation in this event is necessary,” Savel replied. “The crew of Enterprise-F is already well-represented.”

“Think of it as representing Vulcan, Doctor,” Tem said with a wink to Kyona. “Channeling a little ‘First Contact spirit,’ if you will.”

“Very well,” Savel said after a moment’s thought. “I shall consider participation as a pursuit of infinite diversity in infinite combinations.”

“Excellent! Here’s to victory!” Tem said as she clinked her mug together with Kyona’s in celebration.

“Participation will also provide me with the opportunity to be far from this disturbing cacophony.” Savel added dryly. “If you’ll excuse me, I shall register each of us for the next event.”

As Savel left the Crash-n-Burn, Tem grinned at Kyona and chuckled.

“Well, I know what I’m getting him for his next birthday,” she said. “A vintage copy of Zefram Cochrane’s Favorites, preferably on vinyl.”

“I’ll help,” replied Kyona impishly. “Another round?”

“I’ll pass. I’d like to be able to walk in a straight line when it’s time for the event, thanks.”


Paul Reed

Content Writer

Star Trek Online


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