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Riptide expansion – Sneak Peek II

Von enelimm
Di 11 Aug 2015 10:00:00 PDT

Last week in PWI, we let you have a first sneak peek at the new undersea map and companions awaiting you in the upcoming expansion, PWI: Riptide. Today in our second preview blog we’ll be switching to a new ambitious, power-enhancing feature: the Star Chart system!


Star Charts


After reaching Astral Sky I, you can get your first own Star Chart from a Starglade Chest offered to you by Light Emperor Alexander in the Primal World. Each Star Chart will have different default Attributes that will increase your stat. After receiving your first, you can get more Star Charts through various daily quests in the Silent Sea.

This is what your Star Chart will look like:


Birthstars are the nodes in the pentagon at the center of the Star Chart. Each node has a max Aptitude of 5. The higher the Aptitude, the higher the Attributes and therefore stat bonus generated.

Fatestars are the nodes on the star. Their Aptitude level is equal to the sum of the two Birthstars they are connected to.

Enhancement features

Astral Infusion enhances the overall level of your Star Chart, which increases your strength of your Attributes. To conduct it, you can use either other Star Charts or Astrobana Pearls.

Starshifting increases the Aptitude of your Birthstars, and your Total Aptitude as a result. To Starshift, you need Astrospira Pearls of the appropriate level.

Stargazing consumes Starseeker Powder to allow you to change which starpoints – and therefore which Attributes bonuses – are activated.


Horoscope consumes Nebula Dust Orbs to change the number of active Birthstars, and therefore active Attribute bonuses.
It also gives you the option of quickly generating a certain amount of Attribute strings, and may increase your Astral Energy level depending on the Orb you use. Astral Energy improves the quality of new Star Charts you get in Starglade Chests as well as your Attributes overall.

Star Chart Flares

For most of us holding great power is not enough: making it visible matters just as much! By selecting a character, you will be have to see how many Attributes they have activated and gauge their Star Chart’s strength. Here are a few examples: 


Flowsilver Palace Updates

The Flowsilver Palace instance will be accessible with a new difficulty level: The Judgement Mode.

This not only means more challenge and much tougher bosses for which you will have to prepare thoroughly; it also implies brand new rewards and some serious looting that will be crucial to your Star Charts’ evolution!



Excited for the new features? We sure are! Keep on following the latest news and follow us on Facebook to learn even more about Riptide in the upcoming weeks!


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