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PWI: Wonderland - Patch Notes

Von Lugia | Mi 31 Jan 2018 00:00:00 PST

Learn about all the changes coming with the new expansion, Wonderland!



1. War Avatar Crafting

The War Avatar Crafting feature makes its debut!

Players can exchange a certain number of War Avatar Artifacts and additional materials for S Grade Avatar cards.

Players who have duplicate War Avatar S Cards can decompose them into War Avatar Artifacts, and then use the Artifacts to create Imperial Spirit. This includes Neuma Portal Cards!


  • Avatar Crafting

S-grade War Avatar Crafting function is open. Players can click the ‘Craft’ button to enter War Avatar Crafting interface. A, B, C War Avatar can't be obtained through Avatar Crafting.


  • Decomposing War Avatar Cards

Decompose Requirement: S-grade War Avatar

Decompose Result: War Avatar Artifact

Decompose Amount: S-grade War Avatar Cards can be decomposed into 1 War Avatar Artifact.

S-grade War Avatar obtained through Avatar Crafting can be decomposed into War Avatar Artifacts.

The amount of War Avatar Artifacts you get for decomposing is displayed underneath the set bonus section on each card.


  • War Avatar Reset

Reset Requirements: S-grade War Avatar with Reawakening greater than 0.

Reset Result: Rebirth I War Avatar Cards decompose into 2 War Avatars without Reawakening.

Rebirth II War Avatar Cards decompose into 4 War Avatars without Reawakening.


  • Infuse Imperial Spirit

A new item, Imperial Spirit, can be infused into Reawakening II Lv 80 Neuma Portal Avatar set to improve attribute and increase combat power!

Requirements: Neuma Portal Set. Reawakening II War Avatar. LV80 War Avatar

Consumed Item: ★★★Imperial Spirit ★★★

How to Obtain? 1 War Avatar Artifact, 20 Soulcast Flux and 20 Soulforge Temper to fuse into an Imperial Spirit at War Avatar Master (Kirin Town)

Effect of infusing Imperial Spirit: Attributes enhanced by 5% for 30 days.


  • A-grade War Avatar Cards for Artifacts

Certain A-grade War Avatars that are Reawakening II and reached LV40 can be used to exchange for 1 War Avatar Artifact at War Avatar Reset Kwei in Kirin Town.

Each War Avatar can be exchanged only once.

Aohe, the Dark Emperor

Gorath, the Worldrender

Chigo, the Serpent Emperor

Mistress of Endless Night

Ghost Wing

Locen, the Emperor of Flame

Vile: Pestilent Destroyer

Vile: Obscure Reaper

Vile: Snakefist Guardian

Vile: Cannonfist Orclord

Vile: Shadowskull Lich


2. Cross-Server Faction Battle

Do you need a battle to cheer up and show your faction's strength? Cross-server Battle Declaration has been added! Lv3 Factions can declare battles against the other factions across the server in Dragon Wilds of Wargod Gulch!


  • Sign Up

Leaders of Lv3 Factions can check Cross-server on Faction Battle Declaration interface and then click Sign-up button.


  • Cross-server Faction Battle Declaration

Required Item: Cross Server Battle Invitation - Sold in Cash Shop (post launch)

Prerequisite: Sign up for Cross-server Faction Battle Declaration

Permission: Players who is Marshal and above and have Cross Server Battle Invitation can declare battle against qualifying Factions that can be declared against.


  • Declaration Rules

1. The Faction Leader signs up for Cross-server Faction Battle Declaration.
2. The Factions that battle is declared against can accept or decline the battle.
3. In Cross-server Battle Declaration, factions are unable to invite Allied Factions to join the battle.
4. Marshal or above can refuse Faction Battles.
5. The two Factions that have declared battle against each other can enter the cross-server map: Dragon Wilds through Faction Battle Envoy Zahn half an hour before the battle starts.


3. Faction System Changes

Faction Base Manager Zeen, Faction Supervisor, and Dragons' Conquest manager Rong Utsin have been relocated to Archosaur City (572,656). Many other NPCs related to Factions have also been relocated here for convenience.

Faction Bases still require Faction Base Contract to enable. Existing Faction Bases will be kept.

An activity sensor has been added to Faction Bases. All existing Faction Bases will be in lockdown status for a short period of time.

Faction members need to increase their Loyalty Points to 1000 to unlock their Faction Base.

Loyalty Points reset every week, meaning that they need to do it again the next week. Newly created Faction Bases don't have this restriction.


  • New Resources

Three new resources are added to Factions: Chivalry Points, Loyalty Points, and Loyalty Fund.

Chivalry Points represent players' personal contributions to the Faction.

Loyalty Points are required to enable Faction instances. Chivalry Points contributed by individual Faction members will be accumulated as the Faction's Loyalty Points.

The total Loyalty Points a Faction accumulated during a week will determine how many levels can be completed in their Faction Instance the next week.

Loyalty Fund can be used to activate Faction Talents. When all Faction Talents are activated, the Loyalty Merchant will show up, with services for sale that costs Loyalty Fund to purchase. Only Faction leaders can spend Loyalty Fund.

Party up with fellow Faction members and complete Flowsilver Palace, Uncharted Paradise, and Dawnlight Halls to win Chivalry Points and Loyalty Fund.

Faction Party

When a squad has at least 8 members who are from the same Faction, it becomes a Faction Party. Players in such parties will have special buffs, making them stronger than regular squads

Faction Goals and Instance Phases

Faction Goals are a new series of Faction Quests. All active Faction Goals will be reset at 00:00 every Monday. Complete the goals before they reset to win a lot of Loyalty Points and Loyalty Fund.

When a player enters the instance, he can see goals for each phase above the quest tracker. Complete all goals to complete the instance. If the player completed the goals in a Faction Party, a Faction marker will be displayed next to the goals.


  • New Features

Faction Talents

There are eight levels of Faction Talents, which reset at 00:00 every Monday. Faction leaders can activate Talents in the Tree Spirit menu at the Miracle Tree.

Faction Pet

Faction Pets have three main stats: Hunger, Mood, and Comfort.

Players need to grow crops or catch fish to feed their pets to increase their Hunger, spend time with their pets to increase their Mood, and provide them with good dwelling conditions to increases their Comfort. Happy pets bring rewards to the faction.

Faction Recruit

Faction managers with the correct permissions can post recruitment notices from their Faction's main menu. Players who have not yet joined a faction can open the

Faction men, and find a Faction to join in the Recruiting Faction list. Players who have already joined a Faction can also view this list at the Faction Supervisor.

Faction Safe

A high capacity Faction Safe is added to allow Faction members to deposit and withdraw items. There are 3 different storage spaces, which the Faction leader can set different permissions and rules, allowing different types of Faction members to use.

Faction Safe requires certain items to enable. For Factions with enough activeness, it costs 1 Ten Million Big Note.

Faction Distribution

A Faction Distribution feature is added in the Faction Reward menu. It is used to distribute the extra rewards from all Faction Instances, and to allow Faction managers to quickly and accurately distribute all kinds of strategic resources.





1. Glyph Skills 

The following Glyph Skills have been added:



  • ΨFlame Tsunami
  • ΨDragon Rising


  • ΨMortal Reversion
  • ΨDivine Pyrogram


  • ΨBlood Rush
  • ΨViolent Triumph


  • ΨArcane Antinomy
  • ΨFossilized Curse


  • ΨElven Alacrity
  • ΨKnockback Arrow


  • ΨGuardian Light
  • ΨSiren's Kiss


  • ΨToxic Torrent
  • ΨShadow Teleport


  • ΨSand Flood
  • ΨTradewinds


  • ΨRewinding Gesture
  • ΨBlade Affinity


  • ΨBramble Tornaado
  • ΨGaia's Blessing


  • ΨShadow Prey
  • ΨBlinking Moment


  • ΨMonsoon
  • ΨTidal Force


2. Skill Adjustments



  • ΔValkyrie's Might
    • Damage increased from 10% to 20% every time



  • ΨCornered Beast – Sanguine Glyph
    • Ailment Immune Glyph is increased from max 25s to max 90s.
  • ΨStomp of the Beast King– Argent Glpyh
    • At Lv1 Glyph, dealt damage equal to 320% of cost HP is increased to 500% of cost HP.
  • ΨMighty Swing – Ethereal Glyph
    • At Lv1 Glyph, dealt damage equal to 320% of cost HP is increased to 500% of cost HP.
  • ΨBerserker's Wrath – Ethereal Glyph
    • At Lv1 Glyph, dealt damage equal to 320% of cost HP is increased to 500% of cost HP.
  • ΨFlesh Ream– Sanguine Glyph
    • At Lv1 Glyph, dealt damage equal to 320% of cost HP is increased to 500% of cost HP.
  • ΨDevour– Verdant Glyph
    • At Lv1 Glyph, dealt damage equal to 320% of cost HP is increased to 500% of cost HP.
  • ΨDevour– Argent Glyph
    • At Lv1 Glyph, dealt damage equal to 320% of cost HP is increased to 500% of cost HP.



  • ΔVoidbringer
    • HP and Attack of Voidbringer doubled and damage it wards off for the owner is increased from 80% to 100%. When Voidbringer exists, the owner dodges negative status with direct damage.


  • ΣPantheon's Blessing
    • MP Regen speed is reduced to 10/second and HP Regen speed is increased by 10/second.





The once banished Faction Base Trials has returned!


  • Condition to open New Faction Instance

Requires a certain number of Loyalty Points to unlock each level


  • Condition for Entry

Reawakening I LV100, Arcane Sky, weekly Chivalry Point >= 10.

Players who quit a Faction and joined a new one can not enter the Faction Base for 7 days.


  • First completion in the Instance

For first completion, you must complete each level one after another. After that, you can directly enter a level that you have already completed. For levels you have not completed yet, you still need to complete them in order.

Each level can be completed once per week. You can not open two levels at the same time. To enter Level 10, you have to complete all 9 levels before it first.


New AI Design

  • Stampede

Monsters with this property can deal higher damage to players with their normal attacks; only Barbarians has the ability to resist this damage increasing effect.


  • Instance Reward

Upgrade LV2 Rank VIII materials, Upgrade LV3 Rank VIII materials, Rank 17 weapon materials, Refinement Materials, Star Chart materials, War Avatar Packs and related crafting materials, Faction Loyalty Fund, 12-meter long mount Rageflame Kirin.


Other Updates

  • King's Feast Area Tile is open. Players can trigger the quest at (456 433). Errant Knight Fei and his brother are waiting for you to help them retrieve their treasure.
  • Lv1-19 Newcomer Quests are optimized.
  • Fairy Boxes have been added as a Reagent at Transmutation Master Xolo.
  • At War Avatar Reset Kwei, players can no longer take the quest to reset S-grade War Avatar Card into War Avatar Artifact.
  • Revival ways in Flowsilver Palace are changed. If players are killed, they can be revived by Cleric or using revival item.
  • Mystical Tome Fragments are on sale at Merchant.
  • Mirage Celestone will no longer drop in Valley of Reciprocity.
  • Card Bosses will no longer drop Mirage Celestones.
  • Undercurrent Hall Boss will no longer drop Mirage Celestones.
  • Old Heaven’s Tear (OHT) Gear can no longer be decomposed into Perfect Stones.
  • Cube of Fate rewards changed to bound Rotating Cog of Fate. The required material to craft Badge of the Cube is now bound Rotating Cog of Fate.
    • Unbound Rotating Cog of Fate can be exchanged for bound Rotating Cog of Fate at the Fate Forge.
  • Skillbook of Sanctified Skill can be traded from Royal Knight Hector in Neverfall.
  • New Freezing visual effect is added to ΨSupercell and ΨTidal Force of Stormbringer.
  • Spirit Blackhole weapon attribute removing Cloud Cover bug has been fixed.
  • Undercurrent Hall: Requirement to take Elemental Disaster (reward quest) and Blood of Wind and Fire (reward quest) is changed from Mirage Sky I to Arcane Sky I.
  • Neverfall Squire's Badge can't be used to exchange for Glyph Pack (LV1).
  • In Mirrorflower Treasury, the requirement to collect Pearl and Coral is changed to Lv100 Reawakening I players. The portal to leave Mirrorflower Treasury is changed from The Primal World to North District of Archosaur.
  • Increase respawn times of the Boss Wraith Commander Haspon. From 12:00 on Wednesday to 24:00 on Sunday, Wraith Commander Haspon will appear in Path of Sorrow. After it is killed, it will be respawned every hour till 24:00 on Sunday. If players fail to kill it before this time, it will disappear automatically.
  • Optimize Battle Lighting Effect. Players can set lighting effect in Optimization Settings-Lighting Effect.
    If players select Auto Optimize, Optimize function will be started in PVP state and closed when leaving PVP state.
    When Lighting Effect Optimization is on, lighting effects of Mount, Fashion, Gear, Scene and NPC will be hidden and lighting effect of Skill will be weakened.
  • New items that can be exchanged with Lucky Coins. Players can use it at Lucky tab of Assistant Wang Tsai to exchange for the following items:

Golden Glyph Lv1

Verdant Glyph Lv1

Ethereal Glyph Lv1

Blood Glyph Lv1

Argent Glyph Lv1

  1. Amount of Feral Soul Stars from Venomancer instance Lycaeum Of Cultivation is changed, as showed in the table below -




Lower than 400













System Specific Items

  • Loyalty Stone
  • Faction Safe Unlock Stone
  • Cross-Server Battle Invitation

New Fashion


  • Cloud Fox Set
  • Summer’s Casual Set


  • Sparkly Knitted Set
  • Fairy Queen Set
  • Floral Fox Set
  • Astrid’s Casual Set

New Mounts

  • Astral Nightmare
  • Auspicious Fortune Beast
  • Brightmoon Hare
  • Celestial Lion
  • Darkfire Kirin
  • Frigid Tundra Wolf
  • Horror of the Depths
  • Imperial Dragon Tortoise
  • Jade Kunlun Carriage
  • Radiant Donkey
  • Rageflame Kirin
  • Revered Dragon
  • Snowfield Lionlord
  • Sunflare Lion
  • Venomous Sand Lord
  • Wonderland Goldfish

New Pets

  • Micro Battlebot
  • Ginger Tiger Groundskeeper
  • Irresistible Cuteness
  • Yoyo Ball
  • Bun Kid
  • Glaze Rabbit

New Flyers

  • Violet Shears (Human)
  • Flying Squirrel (Untamed)
  • Rippling Butterfly (Winged Elf)
  • Cascading Leaves (Tideborn)
  • Autumn Chill (Earthguard)
  • Shosan’s Cloud Ferry (Nightshade)

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