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Marketplace Update

Von Lugia
Mi 27 Dez 2017 00:00:00 PST

It’s winding down to the New Year – grab some items to start yourself off on the right foot in 2018!


Starts12/27/2017 @ 1:00 Server Time 

Ends1/10/2018 @ 1:00 Server Time 



 Tinker’s Trunk 


 Mechanical Lion 


Spider Silk


Sinful Flame

Curious about what else you can get? Droplist below!

Lucky Coin  

 Golden Coin  

 Perfect·Token of Best Luck  

 Platinum Spirit Charm  

 Platinum Guardian Charm  

 Diamond of Tiger  

 Diamond of Dragon  

 Garnet Gem  

 Sapphire Gem  

 Citrine Gem  

 Stone of the Savant  

 Primeval Stone  

 Warsoul: Samantabhadra Pack  

 Warsoul: Arkarsja Pack  

 Warsoul: Jakari Pack  

 Warsoul: Ksitigarbha Pack  

 Warsoul: Vajra Pack  

 Warsoul: Manjusri Pack  

 Warsoul: Avalokites Pack  

 Scroll of Tome  

 Wing Trophy·Lunar Glade  

 Warsong Marshal Badge  

 Cube of Fate Stamp  

 ☆☆☆Crown of Madness  

 ☆☆Matchless Wings  

 ☆☆Sky Cover  

 ☆☆Cloud Stir  

 Stone of the Jungle Pack  

 W. Waistband Inscription Pack  

 Mechanical Lion  

 Wishful Wing Token  

 Sinful Flame Pack  

 Spider Silk Pack  

 Faction Signet Bag  




Need to craft type-specific War Avatar Packs? Pick up some War Avatar Essences – take these items to the Resistance Force Leader in Kirin town to make your War Avatar Packs! 

Didn’t allocate your stats the way you liked or want to min- max after equipping your gears? Pick up some reset notes at 50% off the normal price! 


 Basic Reset Note 

 Basic Reset-all Note 

 Intermediate Reset Note 

 Inter. Reset-all Note 

 Advanced Reset Note 

 Advanced Reset-all Note 


Change your gender with the Siamese Fruit (10 Gold), change your name with the Identity Stone (10 Gold), and even change your Spiritual Cultivation and keep your skills with the Supreme Celestial Schism Mold (20 Gold).

For factions, if you feel like getting a new name, pick up a Faction Rename Stone on sale for 10 Gold! And if leaders want to change how the points are allocated in the faction’s base, then grab a Star-reset Plate

This week, take 50% off the following crafting masteries – Blacksmith Training I, Tailor Training I, Craftsman Training I and Apothecary Training I. All of these mastery items are now 15 Gold each! 


The following storage expansion items will be on sale this week! 

 Wardrobe Stone 

 Cupboard Stone 

 Super Safe Stone 

 Super Cage 

 Super Inventory Stone




Harness the ice magic with the return of the Frostbite Weapon Fashion set! 


Frostbite Fists (Barbarian, Blademaster)


Glacial Blades (Barbarian, Blademaster, Seeker)


Hoarfrost Scepter (Blademaster, Cleric, Mystic, Seeker, Venomancer, Wizard)


Staff of Winter (Barbarian, Blademaster, Cleric, Mystic, Venomancer, Wizard)


Snowflake Orb (Psychic)


Icicle Knife (Assassin)


Piercing Frost (Archer)


Dazzling Iceblade (Duskblade)


Frostchill Scythe (Stormbringer)


Thanks for playing PWI and we’ll see you in-game! 


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