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Marketplace Update

Von Gwaera
Do 23 Nov 2017 09:00:00 PST


Grab some powerful items during Black Friday!


Black Friday Phase 1 - 11/23


Starts: 11/23 @ 1:00 Server Time

Ends: 11/28 @ 1:00 Server Time


9th Anniversary Pack


The 9th Anniversary Pack makes it glorious return for one special day!

75 Silver for 1

7 Gold 50 Silver for 10

14 Gold for 20

32 Gold for 50

60 Gold for 100


Royal Guardian Mount


In the Pet Bag UI, this mounts name will show up as “Royal Guardian of Yvillis”, to commemorate it’s creator Yvillis of Etherblade Server!


Ultimate Prize PackIf you are fortunate enough to pull this item, you have a chance at pulling one of the following amazing prizes!

 Dull Draconic Essence

 Ultimate War Avatar Chest S

 Neuma Portal Avatar Chest

 Jaden Crystal

 ☆☆☆Crown of Madness


Curious about what else you can get? Droplist below!

Lucky Coin

Golden Coin

Perfect·Token of Best Luck

Ancient Emblem

Diamond of Tiger

Diamond of Dragon

Garnet Gem

Sapphire Gem

Citrine Gem

Stone of the Savant

Primeval Stone

Brilliance Stone

Yaksha Stone

Battlement Stone

Warsoul: Samantabhadra

Warsoul: Arkarsja

Warsoul: Jakari

Warsoul: Ksitigarbha

Warsoul: Vajra

Warsoul: Manjusri

Warsoul: Avalokites

Scroll of Tome

Wing Trophy·Lunar Glade

Warsong Marshal Badge

Cube of Fate Stamp

Dull Zenith Skull

★★Matchless Wings

Dustfall Relic

Dustfall Artifact

Reawakening VI Finger Bead

Bookless Transcript

Script of Fate

Accessory Socket Stone

Mysterious Chip Box

Grand Commander's Order

Lord of Morai Avatar Chest

Warsong City Avatar Chest

Wishful Wing Token

Goldfoil: Heaven Relic

Goldfoil: Spirit Gem

Goldfoil: Eon Ore

Goldfoil: Aqua Crystal

Sacred: Wind Dance Wings

Anniversary Mount

Silvery Jade Female Pack

Dragon Shadow Male Pack

Lv1 Glyph Small Pack

Ultimate Prize Pack


 General Summer’s Token are 50% off at 3 Gold.

 Medals of Glory are 13 Gold for one or take five for 50 Gold.

The following Rank 9 Boundless Materials are on sale:

 Quadium Crystal

 Orichalcum Ingot

 Wishalloy Bar

 Adamantine Powder


 Basic Badges are used in crafting upgraded Nirvana gears and Rank 9 gears. Pick some up on sale during Black Friday!


1 Gold for 1

8 Gold for 10

15 Gold for 20

24 Gold for 50


And finally,  Chienkun Stones are on sale, 20 Silver for 1 or 2 Gold for 10!



Black Friday Phase 2 – 11/24


Start: 11/24 @ 1:00 Server Time

Ends: 11/29 @ 1:00 Server Time


 War Avatar Chest : S and  War Avatar Chest : A make a return to the cash shop!


 Illusionary Crystal – Grants enough EXP to get you from Level 1 to 95 instantly!


The following Star Chart items are on sale:

 Astrospira Pearl Lv1

 Astrospira Pearl Lv2

 Astrospira Pearl Lv3

 Astrospira Pearl Lv4



Black Friday Phase 3 – 11/27 Cyber Monday


Our most popular chance pack returns during Cyber Monday, the  Crown of Sochi!


Another popular Chance pack,  Hidden Orchid Treasure Trove also joins Crown of Sochi’s ranks.


The following Dragon Orbs will be on sale during Cyber Monday:


 Dragon Orb Ocean25 Gold

 Dragon Orb Mirage85 Gold

 Dragon Orb Flame140 Gold


And finally, Boundary Pills will be in the shop for the following prices:


 Arcane Sky Boundary Pill25 Gold

 Mirage Sky Boundary Pill35 Gold

 Astral Sky Boundary Pill 140 Gold

 Shifting Sky Boundary Pill 360 Gold



Don’t forget to take advantage of these awesome sales on top of all the promos we’re having right now!


Charge gold and log in to get more points in our special Charge Login Hybrid Promo!

Spent your gold in our amazing Ultimate Dragon Orb Spend Promo!

Strike it rich with our Lucky Pop Up Flash Spends happening at random times all throughout Black Friday.

And finally, cash in with our ongoing Black Friday Mystery Spend.


Thanks for playing PWI and Happy Black Friday/Cyber Monday!

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