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PWI: Neverfall - Dawnlight Halls

Von enelimm
Do 06 Apr 2017 10:00:00 PDT


PWI : Neverfall – Dawnlight Halls



A new dungeon has arrived to test your skills!

Venture into Dawnlight Halls to take on some of the more diabolical puzzles ever devised in PWI! You’ll need to be at least Twilight Sky VI and reached Celestial Saint before you can enter this dungeon.



Poison and Trouble


This room requires teamwork and coordination. Guide the fairies of different colors into the proper circles and kill them to balance out the elements. When you do, the pit in the center will be covered and you’ll have a brief moment to rush in and do damage to the boss as he lands.



How the Dice Fall


This room seems confusing at first but the mechanics are simple to understand – You will be controlling a robot moving around on a gameboard. Three mini dice will determine in what direction the larger die will turn and it changes every turn you take.

The goal is to get the robot to land on one of the three green “OUT” spaces. Doing so will unlock the next rooms’ boss! You’ll take what you learned here into the boss fight.




The Floor is Lava


This room has you jumping on suspended metal cages to start the challenge. You’ll need to do damage to the boss that spawns here, otherwise the lava will rise too high and melt your entire team!

After this phase you’ll enter a second room with more punishing lava rising mechanics.




The Light and The Dark


This room’s first phase is horde style where you will kill waves of monsters. Stand inside the protective shield cast by the lantern that spawns.

Once the boss goes down, the room will become shrouded in darkness – run into the hallway that opens up before the creeping darkness consumes you.




The Final Showdown


If you’ve made it this far, you’ll be greeted by a rather familiar face from your travels through Neverfall. This boss is very unforgiving so be prepared to bring your top game and teamplay!



For your efforts you will be rewarded with Glyph Packs, Homestead items and Rank 8 reforge materials.


PWI : Neverfall is coming in April 2017! Will you be ready? Follow us on Facebook for more updates and check out our Official Forums to discuss these and all things PWI!




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