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Prime World

Fire in the Prime Zone

Von Andy (StrumSlinger)
Mi 14 Jan 2015 10:48:48 PST

As we all await the warmer weather to warm our hearts, fire comes to the Prime Zone for the impatient. Meet the flaming hot Flamefox and Fire Maestro, better known as the summer heralds.


Fire Maestro

As the son of a blacksmith, the Fire Maestro spent his childhood sitting day and night gazing in front of the forge, watching the fire dance around iron and steel. His father recognized his son's inherent skill at the forge and soon enough, the entire village would gather around as the young Fire Maestro pulled weapons, armor, and masterwork tools from the fire he felt was his home.

Soon enough, he received an invitation from the Imperial Chancellery to be their head blacksmith and to make equipment for the royal army. Seeking fame and fortune, he left his home and quickly made his way for the Imperial Chancellery, though he had never visited it before. When he found his way to the meeting point, instead of being met with royal banners and bright colors, all he saw were black cloaks before he was knocked unconscious.

The man who kidnapped the Fire Maestro was once a great scientist and inventor, but lost his mind because of constant dealings with Prime. He had heard of the boy's talents and decided to use his creations in experiments. For a long time, the boy was trapped in the basement of the tower until he found out a way to escape; right through the Prime Zone.

He returned to his village two years later where they rejoiced after he had gone missing, but the Fire Maestro was mentally broken. The Prime had awoken his latent powers of fire manipulation, which he swore to use to protect his village. He became known as the Master of Fire.



The original hero: Fire Fox
Faction: The Imperium
Features: New voice!



Once a talented artist, a friend of the forest, and a renowned healer, Flamefox was sought after across the lands due to his unsurpassed skill. Many of his patients felt deep gratitude to him and gave him extravagant gifts from all around the world though he would never accept them. However, the other healers quickly grew envious of his talents and started to spread rumors. They told people he would abuse animals for ointments, steal from wealthy villages, and even take advantage of grieving souls.

News spread quickly and the people who once were grateful, grew angry. They banded together, pitchforks in hand, and ended up setting Flamefox's house on fire. Wanting to quell the anger, Flamefox did not retaliate, but because of the heat from the fire, his potions exploded - including some containing Prime.

As the villagers fled, he stood up from the wreckage, assuming himself dead. However, when he glanced at his hands, he felt more alive than he ever was, but also void of sympathy. He decided he would only use his healing powers for those who deserved the chance to live once again.


The original hero: Flame Tail
Faction: The Keepers
Features: New voice!


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