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Neverwinter Combat League - Pre-Season #1 Rewards

Von Andy (StrumSlinger) | Mi 10 Jun 2015 12:56:19 PDT

Update 7/17: Due to a few concerns with the cloaks, we will be temporarily disabling the ability to claim it from the RCA, but will be renabling it next Thursday.

Rewards for the Neverwinter Combat League will not be static. Instead, they will cycle as the event seasons cycle. By playing Domination matches, players will earn Neverwinter Combat League Tokens that they can turn in to Dugan Hammerfist at the Trade of Blades in Protector's Enclave. If there’s something you’re hoping to earn, be sure to claim it prior to the conclusion of a season. Ample notice will be given via our forums, Twitter and Facebook before things go away, but you don’t want to miss out!

Take a look at the rewards for the Neverwinter Combat League preseason #1:

Champion's Armored Bulette Mount - Our top league performers - top 40 in each class - for this season will be able to travel the world of Neverwinter atop a Champion's Armored Bulette - one of our newest mounts. Known as landsharks, the Bulette's made their first appearance in Neverwinter with our Neverwinter: Elemental Evil expansion.

Bulette - Fear not if you didn't make the top 40 in your class, for the normal Bulette mount is available in Dougan Hammerfist's store. It still isn't easy to obtain, but at least you stand a chance if you gather enough Combat League Tokens.

Combat League Legion Equipment Pack - Be careful not to get any blood on these beautiful accessories, which stand as a testament to your skill in PvP.

Combat Leagure Refinement Cache - What can help more than powering your gear up even further? You might play it smart and purchase this in anticipation of the next season.

Combat League Legion Equipment - Flame on! The Neverwinter Combat League will introduce a new set of PvP epic gear that is sure to make your opponents burn in rage. This gear will bind to your character and will only be useable by that character. 

Glorious Pirate Raider's Fashion - Ahoy, matey! This pirate fashion is sure to make ye the most feared adventurer that has sailed along the Sword Coast.

Combat League Rare Goods Cache - The Combat League Rare Goods Cache can contain any of the above in the tooltip. Like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.

Combat League Cache - If all you want is a shiny new enchantment for your gear, then look no further! There are three tiers to choose from, which offers you the opportunity to spend a different variety of Combat League Tokens.

Combat League Glory Token - Mayhap all you want is some good old Glory! For 10 Combat League Tokens, 2000 Glory is easy to obtain.

For more information on the Neverwinter Combat League, visit our announcement blog or FAQ.


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