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Release Notes: 6/19/14

Von DwightMC | Do 19 Jun 2014 07:02:00 PDT

Patch Notes: NW.15.20140610a.4


Classes and Balance

  • Boon: Redcap Brew: This boon will no longer cease to function correctly when you die.
  • Iron Vanguard: Ferocious Reaction: This power should no longer trigger rapidly in succession in some rare cases.

Content and Environment

  • Cloak Tower: Removed the door at the end of the maze area before Vansii so it can no longer get into a stuck state in rare occasions.
  • Critters in Biggrin's Rest no longer scale up in difficulty with group size.
  • Rothe Valley: Resolved some occlusion and draw issues in the Rothe Valley caves.
  • Icewind Pass: The Power of a Shaman: Shaman staffs no longer drop once 4 have been collected.
  • Icewind Pass: Yeti Vendetta: Players only get credit for yeti horns that they pick up, but yetis drop a horn for each member of the party.
  • Protector's Enclave: The Protectors Garden construction is now finished above the Emporium between the Many Coins Bank and the Auction House. Earning access will be granted from the Protector's Jubilee.


  • Dragon Wing Flap may now be properly blocked by Guardian Fighters.
  • Fixed an issue where certain undead bosses were healing when they hit a blocking Guardian Fighter with soul reaper.

Items and Economy

  • Cloak of the Hosttower no longer causes characters that wear it to have zombie grunts.
  • The Corrupted and Purified Black Ice Belts are now Bind on Equip and can also rarely drop from Kessell's Retreat.
  • The Lord's Armored Polar bear is now Bind on Equip. This does not affect the binding status of any that are already bound.

Performance and Stability

  • Changed how damage types are used on the back end to increase game server performance. This should not change any powers damage or effects and the combat log should still state the appropriate damage type.
  • Resolved a rare client crash that could occur when one of the Cleric's Daily powers with an angel and that angel somehow despawns prematurely.

User Interface

  • Campaigns: Attempting to claim an item with a full inventory will now succeed.
  • Guild Bank: Items must be specifically withdrawn from the bank before discarding them.
  • When inspecting another player the stat tooltips now display appropriate text again.

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