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Patch Notes: Version: NW.120.20200302a.6

Von Julia (nitocris83) | Mo 23 Mär 2020 21:16:26 PDT



Pack of the Divine Follower incorrectly listed "Eyes of the Divine" as one of its potential rewards. The description has been fixed, but any players who purchased the Pack of the Divine Follower can now claim the Eyes of the Divine from the Reward Claims Agent.

  • This will also be claimable for future purchases of Pack of the Divine Follower.
  • The same is true about the Eyes of the Fallen, for those who purchased (or will purchase) the Pack of the Fallen.


Release Notes

Content and Environment


  • Expeditions should no longer have occasional audio dead-zones at the edges of rooms.
  • Expeditions: Rare spawns: Bartok, Lord of Regret no longer makes regrettable charges off cliffs.
  • The event calendar is now populated beyond March 26th.
  • Various spots with missing geometry have been restored, e.g. places in the Graveyard with missing walls around the doors.


  • Epic Trials now properly state that they require 2 tanks, 2 healers, and 6 damage dealers.
  • Prophecy of Madness and Throne of the Dwarven Gods now properly state that they take Greater Demonic Keys.


  • Glyphworks: Achievement progress is now provided on completion of the quests, rather than interacting with the glyphworks.
  • Help Simon Collect Devil Fragments: This quest now properly grants Family Crests and Chaotic Writings as a reward.
  • Perverse Engineering: This quest now properly grants Family Crests and Chaotic Writings as a reward.
  • Players can no longer deal damage to some of the training dummies in Vallenhas Estate, or push them around.
  • Some enemies have been excavated from beneath the ground.
  • Some fences now have collision.
  • There are fewer spaces where characters can stand on air.


  • A steady sound of flapping wings slowly grows in the distance…



Combat and Powers

Classes and Balance

  • Barbarian: Mighty Vitality: This class feature now properly retains its full effect after moving between maps.
  • Paladin: When the "Timely Intervention" class feature is equipped, Paladins now properly provide a large heal instead of shield with Divine Touch.
  • Ranger: Stamina Regen from Stance Mastery is now properly reflected on the character sheet.
  • Ranger: Warden: Oak Skin can no longer heal downed allies.
  • Rogue
    • Assassin: Gloaming Cut now has an additional sound at the end of its animation.
    • Whisperknife: Disheartening Strike no longer reduces the target's defense by 5000. Instead, it increases the damage the target takes from Physical and Projectile attacks by 5%.
    • Whisperknife: Shadow Strike: The magnitude of this power has been increased to 550. Its added effect has been changed to: Increases the damage the target takes from Physical and Projectile attacks by 5%.


  • Companion passive powers are now consistently deactivated in all queued PvP maps.
  • Githyanki: This companion's Spinning Strike and Cleave attacks no longer incorrectly show warning indicators to friendly players.
  • Green Slime: Acid Aura now properly deals more than 0 damage.
  • Owlbear's Presence: This power is no longer procced by Thunderhead Enchantment.
  • Portal Hound: This companion's passive power now properly affects only Kabal's minions.
  • Wayward Wizard: Chilling Cloud now properly deals more than 0 damage even before it reaches higher ranks.

Item Powers

  • Butcher's Zeal: This power now properly grants 1% AP Gain, up from 0.1% AP Gain.
  • Dark Ritual Robe: The health orb that spawns from this robe can now properly be picked up by stealthed characters.

Racial Bonuses

  • Sun Elf Grace, Bold (Halfling), and Moon Elf Resilience now properly show their Crowd Control Resistance in the character sheet.



Enemies and Encounters


  • Narzugon: The Fear power cast by these enemies now properly matches their warning indicator radius.
  • Succubus and Incubus enemies now cast Charm less frequently.
  • Succubus and Incubus enemies no longer have a chance to just stand idle for a second or two during combat.

Cradle of the Death God

  • The crash / immense slowdown in the elevator sequence has been addressed.

Infernal Citadel

  • Hellfire Engine: Crowd Mortar no longer occasionally swaps targets during its attack.
  • Hellfire Engine: Engine Malfunction now properly kills characters instead of putting them in Near Death.

Tomb of the Nine Gods

  • Potion room: The effects of polymorph potions now last 2 minutes, decreased from 24 hours.



Items and Economy


  • Anniversary Ham can now correctly be eaten by Fighters.
  • The rewards given by Master Expedition chests have been tweaked in an attempt to fix the issue where Astral Diamonds and Refinement Points are split across the party.
  • Vanity pets should no longer be summonable while on a boat, which could make them run underwater.
  • Various level 76 items now have the correct stat distributions.


  • All standard enchantments should now be purchasable in bulk, up to 99 a stack. This change has not yet been made to Overload Enchantments or Armor / Weapon Enhancements.


  • Eku's Titivated Lion now has an insignia combo that supports a bonus. Existing insignias slotted should not be unslotted.

PvP Rewards

  • The following enchantments can now properly be gained from their respective choice packs, purchasable as season rewards:
    • Armor Enhancement: Bloodtheft
    • Armor Enhancement: Briartwine
    • Armor Enhancement: Eclipse
    • Enchantment: Draconic
    • Weapon Enhancement: Bronzewood
    • Weapon Enhancement: Dread
    • Weapon Enhancement: Prominence



User Interface


  • The credits have been updated.


  • Next time Hell Pit runs later this year, it will show an updated version of the event information window.


  • The maximum Field of View in Neverwinter has been reduced.
    • Note: This was intended to go out with the introduction of the FoV option. The goal of this change is to reduce the pressure on players to make the game look less readable, for the benefit of being able to see more at once. We'll keep an extra eye on feedback in case there are mechanics that become significantly more difficult with a lower maximum.



Character Art


  • Dragonborn characters now properly wear pants during character creation.



Performance and Stability


  • Various crashes have been addressed.





  • Localized text has been updated for the French, German, Italian, and Russian regions.

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