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Patch Notes: Version: NW.110.20190519a.28

Von Julia (nitocris83) | Mi 26 Jun 2019 21:26:50 PDT

Release Notes

Content and Environment


  • Players no longer need higher-than-intended armor penetration for Chult and Ravenloft. This was caused by an old buff that was still in place by accident in M16. Thank you for the reports.
  • Temple of Tiamat
    • Dragon Souls now use the interact action instead of having to go into the potion tray.
    • Severin uses new warning indicators on his meteor powers.
    • Tiamat's aura will now work when she has emerged.
  • Tomb of the Nine Gods
    • The puzzle order is now Potion, Artifact, Potion, rather than the opposite.



Combat and Powers

Cleric (Arbiter)

  • Sacred Flame no longer incorrectly becomes 5 magnitude weaker when the Arbiter path is chosen.
  • The feat "Perfect Balance" now properly grants a stack of Radiant Shift when using Daunting Light.
  • The effects of Burning Shift and Radiant Shift now properly last 60 seconds, up from 30.

Cleric (Devout)

  • The feat "Towering Light" no longer places a buff icon on your character, since it is always active.


  • Knee Breaker now automatically slots at level 5.

Fighter (Vanguard)

  • The Shieldthrower feat no longer incorrectly causes the fighter's blocking at-wills to generate more threat.
  • The Shieldthrower feat no longer lowers the magnitude of Shield Throw to 150, instead of the indicated 250.

Fighter (Dreadnought)

  • Commander's Strike now properly benefits from physical damage buffs.
  • Commander's Strike: This power's tooltip now correctly states that it increases the target's damage taken by 10%, not 5%. This was only a tooltip error; the power remains unchanged.
  • Heavy Slash: This power's tooltip now correctly states that its magnitude is 80, not 100. This was only a tooltip error; the power remains unchanged.
  • Heavier Slash now properly causes Heavy Slash to deal one strike for 280 magnitude, instead of two ticks of damage, one for 280 and one for 80.
  • The class feature Momentum no longer requires the player to be moving for Bull Charge to gain its additional effect.
  • The visual effect for Momentum no longer appears while mounted.
  • The Vengeance gauge now has 25% and 75% indicator lines.


  • Radiant Strike has been renamed Radiant Slam to more accurately describe the attack and set it apart from other more similar at-wills using the term Strike.
  • The artifact modification "Enhanced Blessing of Light" is now properly named "Enhanced Blessing of Battle."

Paladin (Justicar)

  • Divine Challenger now properly causes Smite to place the caster at the top of the target's threat list.

Paladin (Oathkeeper)

  • The visual effects for the ability "Circle of Power" have been adjusted and will no longer end before the effect terminates on the caster's screen.


  • The artifact modification "Enhanced Penetrating Arrows / Storm Strike" now properly applies its bonus.


  • Lingering Sustain can no longer heal players who are in a Near Death state.
  • Soul Puppets no longer repeatedly show regeneration effects, and with it, repeating audio.
  • Warlock's Bargain now also cleanses the caster, instead of only their allies.


  • Artifact damage tooltips no longer flicker while in PvP.
  • Decanter of Atropal Presence now displays a reasonable damage value in its tooltip.
  • Kessell's Spheres of Annihilation now have matching tooltip damage and real damage.
  • Sigil of the Warlock now properly gives increased Stamina Regeneration at higher ranks.
  • Symbol of Water now properly gives increased Stamina Regeneration at higher ranks.
  • Tarokka Deck: The Ghost now summons a ghost for 7-15 sec depending on rank, decreased from 50 or more.


  • The Stronghold boon for Critical Avoidance now properly caps at 8000, up from 6400.


  • Baby Owlbear's Presence now properly functions.
  • Cockatrice's Presence now properly procs 10% of the time.
  • Evoker's Wisdom now properly functions.
  • Manticore's Presence now properly functions.
  • Rustmonster's Presence now properly functions.
  • Snow Leopard's Instincts now properly functions.

Mounts and Insignias

  • Graycloak's Insignia no longer provides immense power, and now properly provides companion influence too.
  • Knight's Defense no longer incorrectly deals an occasional 1 damage to the equipping player.
  • Knight's Rebuke now properly triggers only when receiving Combat Advantage damage.



Enemies and Encounters

Castle Ravenloft

  • Adjustments have been made to the damage of Strahd's attacks. The damage dealt by the following powers has been reduced: ardor, zornhau, lunge, shadowcrash, engarde, and bloodflight. Strahd's auto attack damage has also been decreased.
  • The damage dealt by the Sunsword has been reduced. (It's still strong.)
  • The magnitude is now clearly displayed on the tooltips of the Sunsword's powers.
  • The heal effect of the Sunsword encounter power "Daybreak" has been increased.
  • Resolved an issue wherein the Sunsword encounter "Sunbeam" did not deal damage for the full length of its charge.
  • Strahd no longer pushes players who are immune to control resist with lunge during his ultimate phase.
  • The health of the shades imprisoning your ally during the nightmare phase of Strahd's boss encounter has been reduced.
  • Resolved an issue wherein the damage dealt by the Executioner's Guillotine during the nightmare phase of Strahd's boss encounter was not lethal.
  • Resolved an issue wherein shades of your party dealt 0 damage during the nightmare phase of Strahd's boss encounter.

Lair of the Mad Mage - Trobriand

  • Matching charged players may now stand as close together as they want without punishment. They'll still be repelled when the effect ends.
  • Magnetic discharge now only deals damage when players with opposing charges collide, and no longer deals damage based on the other tethered player's offensive ratings.
  • The distance that magnetic discharge pushes and pulls players has been reduced.
  • The potency and duration of the negative condition applied by magnetic discharge has been increased.
  • The damage dealt by the electric coils on the floor of Trobriand's room has been increased.

Manycoins Bank Heist

  • The final boss in this skirmish now has less health.

Master Expeditions

  • Rare-spawn enemies are now CC immune.

Spellplague Caverns (Master)

  • Kabal's spawned adds can now properly aggro on distant players in the boss arena.


  • Stormcaller werewolves can no longer pivot to target players while casting their line attack.



Items and Economy


  • Alabaster weapons now have a higher chance to drop if the player doesn't already own one.
  • All crafted offhand daggers and dual blades now properly have weapon damage values.
  • Artifact necklaces that gave old, incorrectly-functioning versions of AP Gain have been changed to give Constitution for increased AP Gain and Max Health.
  • Duplicate rings have been removed from the Seals store in the Yawning Portal.
  • Excavated Lockbox: The Epic Mounts pack no longer incorrectly lists the Legacy versions of certain mounts.
  • Quartermaster Enchantment: Rewards are now properly granted appropriate to the equipped tier of this enchantment.
  • Some remaining incorrect cases of the Movement stat have been removed.
  • Spy's Guild Pants and Shirts are now in the Seal of the Mountain store.
  • Successor Gear has been updated in the following ways.
    • Gladiator's Guard (body slot) now provides .5% Defense, to a maximum of 6%.
    • Call of the Undermountain (arms slot) now increases your power by 5% while active.
    • Sniper's Advantage / Brute's Advantage (feet slot) now increases your combat advantage by 5% while active.
  • Terminus Expedition companion gear can now also drop from Master Expeditions.
  • Tranquil Enchantments should no longer be lootable from anywhere.



User Interface


  • Tenebrous Enchantment stats no longer look like they change when slotted into gear.



Animation, Character Art, and Visual Effects


  • Level 70 characters no longer have broken weapon animations in character creation.
  • The Hellfire Engine mount should now have a higher camera.

Character Art

  • Bears no longer have weird posteriors.

Visual Effects

  • Certain powers should stutter less often when chain-cast.
  • Effects that freeze players no longer pop up the word "frozen."
  • Some of Arcturia's powers have been optimized to help counter framerate loss.
  • Some of the Bore Worm's powers have been optimized to help counter framerate loss.


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