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Developer Blog: Ranger Changes

Von Julia (nitocris83) | Fr 05 Apr 2019 07:00:00 PDT

Exciting changes are coming to ranger in Neverwinter: Undermountain. If you haven’t already, take a look at the Introduction to Classes developer blog which discusses the class changes overall as well as high level adjustments to healing and tanking. 

Ranger retains its versatile combat in Undermountain. The changes ranger will see is mainly to bring them into alignment with the new combat changes as well as to better differentiate the paragon paths.

The ranger paragon path, Hunter, is built around powerful ranged attacks to take down enemies from afar, versatile melee attacks for boosts and bleeds, and deadly bear traps to ensnare your foes. While the base ranger tree now has a powerful daily attack “Snipe”, which is a single arrow fired with deadly precision, the Hunter can select feats to focus on only ranged combat if they choose to become a menacing combatant from afar. 

The Warden is a ranger who utilizes nature, through lightning and grasping roots, to take down their foes. Being at one with nature makes the Warden view their allies as their pack and come equipped to boost both the offense and defense of their pack when fighting together. Determined to never play it safe, the Warden has the powerful ability “Throw Caution” which reduces their own defense in order to increase their offensive potential. The Warden also has the ability to focus on melee only combat through their feats if they prefer to always be in the middle of the action.


Whether from near or from far, the ranger is great at mixing up their attacks to keep their enemies guessing while they dispatch them with killer accuracy alongside their pack.

We look forward to you trying out the new changes to ranger. Neverwinter: Undermountain is currently live on preview so jump on in to see the changes for yourself and let us know what you think.


Jared Sears
Lead Systems Designer

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