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Developer Blog: Soulmonger's Lockbox

Von Julia (nitocris83) | Mo 26 Feb 2018 09:15:52 PST

A forgotten civilization has been reclaimed by the jungle, its large temples and great wealth fading into the undergrowth. The first adventurers to set foot in these lands for generations will be met by terrifying beasts guarding long lost treasure awaiting the bold. Behold, the Soulmonger’s Lockbox!

This lockbox will be available in the game on February 27.

To open the Soulmonger’s Lockbox, you’ll need an Enchanted Key. Keys are available from the Zen Market or, if you’re a VIP member, you get one new key for free every day.

One culture rode fearsome Tyrannosaurs into battle, another chose a more hardened beast. The Legendary War Triceratops is a massive creature, sturdy enough to withstand anything the jungle can throw its way.

This Triceratops serves as swift and unique mount to those who may discover it:

* Legendary mount speed

* Equip Power:  Stalwart (+16,000 Hit Points)

* Combat Power: Trample (Your War Triceratops charges into the fray knocking back foes and causing up to 15,000 damage to each target, based on your level.)

If a giant quadruped beast of war isn’t your style, the Soulmonger’s Lockbox also contains an Infant Gorilla augment companion. This cute little critter will follow close in toe as it plays with the butterflies and rolls around on the ground. It is so adorable that you will gain Movement and Armor Penetration just from enjoying its company.

As always, giant dinosaurs and cute gorillas are not the only things hidden away in the lockbox. Several other packs can be found within: 

  • Lost Artifact Pack – Last chance at this pack containing the Soul Sight artifact, which allows you to see the very essence of your target giving you the precision to find their weakness and attack for a large increase in damage. This pack may also contain an Ultimate Enchanting Stone.
  • Adventurer Pack – May hold many items useful to the heroic adventurer: Enhanced Superior Potions, Greater Stones of Health, Scrolls of Mass Life, Epic Dungeon Keys, Greater Scrolls of Identification and Protector’s Enclave Teleport Scrolls. This pack is sure to make an adventurer’s life an easier one.
  • Quartermaster’s Profession Pack – This pack returns full of craftsmen, assets, and tools to help advance your professions.
  • Nine Gods Enchantment Pack – Has a chance of valuable diamonds, Ultimate Marks of Potency, and enchantments.
  • Carapace Mount Pack – Suratuk is at it again and has painted up a new variety of mounts. Inside are the Blue Tarantula, Banded Spider, Giant Red Crab, Orange Tarantula, Jungle Spider, and Giant Sunset Crab.
  • Genie’s Gifts – Genie’s Gifts may be found in the Soulmonger’s Lockbox, and now they work on even more campaigns with the addition of the Maze Engine and Storm King’s Thunder as possible uses for these versatile tokens.


The Soulmonger may be a powerful and awesome force, but fortunately for us all his lockbox is quite attenable. Grab yourself a massive Triceratops and try not to trample all of the forgotten temples in the Lost City of Omu!


Jared Sears
Systems Designer

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