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Forsaken World

Server Merge Announcement

Von Fero | Mi 29 Sep 2021 09:00:00 PDT

Greetings Forsaken World,

In October, we will be initiating a change to the servers. This will first impact players on the server Nyos. Followed by Dyos and Shylia. Please start preparing now.


We will be merging the Nyos server into the Illyfue server. The merge maintenance will occur on 10/11/21 at 8 PM PT.

Players on Dyos and Shylia please take note, those servers are planned to be merged in the week following on 10/19/21. More details will follow. They will also be merged into the Illyfue server. Please start preparing now.


The reason for doing so is to allow the players currently in the Nyos Server the opportunity to enjoy the game with a much more robust and active community.

Here's how this will work:

  • At 8pm PT (05:00 CEST on 10/12) we will be bringing down these servers for maintenance.
  • We will be Duplicating the Player and item Databases in Nyos and adding them to Illyfue
  • Nyos will then be taken offline
  • Once all of our whiteglove checks are validated and passed we will bring back up the servers.
  • This process will be longer than normal maintenance and is expected to last about 8 hours. Maintenance times are subject to change.



Please make note of the following – it will determine which characters you retain

The way the game is set up, all of your characters will be transferred on the back end from Nyos to Illyfue, HOWEVER depending on how many characters you have, not all of them will be accessible.

Priority Character Placement will be given to the 1-8 slots on the Illyfue server with the Nyos characters being slotted BELOW that.

This means if you have 8 characters on Illyfue, none of the characters added to Nyos will appear. (They are not lost, they just will not appear on the list)

For every open slot on the Illyfue character roster, those open slots will be filled with Nyos characters starting at the Number 1 slot and running in descending order until all illyfue character slots have been filled. (For example: You have 2 characters on the Illyfue server and 7 characters on Nyos, When the maintenance occurs, Slots 1 and 2 with the Illyfue characters will remain untouched. Slot 3 will then be populated with the Nyos Character that previously occupied Slot 1 of the Nyos server roster, Slot 4 of illyfue will be populated with Nyos Slot 2, Slot 5 of Illyfue will be populated with Nyos Slot 3 and so on until all slots are filled. Nyos character slot 7 will not appear because there is no more room on that roster.)

If you have a character on Nyos sharing the same name as a character on Illyfue, the character name on Nyos will be altered with a numeric at the end after the merge is complete. (For example: On the Illyfue server there is a character named "JoeCool" and a character on Nyos named "JoeCool" after the merge, the Nyos Character will then be renamed "JoeCool1")

If you have a Guild on Nyos sharing the same name as a Guild on Illyfue, the Guild name on Nyos will be altered with a numeric at the end after the merge is complete. (For example: On the Illyfue server there is a Guild named "SuperCool" and a Guild on Nyos named "SuperCool" after the merge, the Nyos Guild will then be renamed "SuperCool1") 


After the merge, occupied areas by a guild will be reset. The guild bases will be re-distributed based on guild's level, dedication, and contribution.

Please make sure to remove any items you have listed from the Auction House. Any items left up on the Auction House will be lost during the merge.

Leaf totals from Nyos and Illyfue will be combined provided they are on the same account. (For Example: If you have 100 leaves on Illyfue and 300 Leaves on Nyos, after the merge you will have 400 leaves)



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