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Torchlight 3

Steam, PS4 Minor Update - March 23rd, 2021

Von Echtra_Bean | Di 23 Mär 2021 09:19:24 PDT

Fixing a few issues that broke with the last update.

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Good afternoon rodent rakers! 

This afternoon we are releasing a hotfix to address a few issues that cropped up with the most recent update that upgraded our game engine

We are still reviewing a couple of issues that also started to occur with this update, but the most visible and annoying bugs should be resolved with this hotfix.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Gamepass/Xbox players will receive this update in a day or two once it has been through the Microsoft certification process. We will schedule and release it as soon as possible, but the content for this update will be the same.

In the meantime, we are getting very close to releasing details about the large content patch that is hitting Torchlight III shortly, so keep an eye out for that and we’ll see you again on the frontier soon!

- Echtra Bean



• Fixed an issue that prevented players from accessing/sacrificing items to their Luck Tree.


• Fixed a non-functional pet management screen that was not intended to be included in this update.


• Fixed a movement issue that was affecting both movement and gold pick up.



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