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Gigantic 403: Power Circles and Creature Mechanics

Von MO Evangelos
So 18 Jun 2017 04:03:00 PDT




The creatures you bring to the battlefield are some of your strongest allies in Gigantic, but can only be summoned at very specific locations known as POWER CIRCLES.

Power circles are the first things you’ll visit in every match of Gigantic, and are an important strategic element in the game. Not only do they help you control areas of the map while generating a steady source of Power for your Guardian, but they can serve as vital staging points when controlled by one of your creatures.




POWER CIRCLES are located on every map in Gigantic. These points generate Power Orbs which can be collected to power up your Guardian, and also allow you to summon and upgrade creatures to protect the point and defend the area around it.

You can only summon creatures on friendly (green) or neutral (grey) Power Circles - except for the Obelisk, which can be summoned anywhere. Consider the benefits that each creature provides to your team when selecting a creature to summon on the point.

POWER ORBS spawn on points every 45 seconds, starting from the closest points to the Guardians (usually the A point) and moving towards the center, and then backwards towards the Guardian. This cycle repeats every time a Guardian rampages.


FRIENDLY Power Circles are always on the bottom of the minimap, displayed in green.
ENEMY Power Circles are on the top side of the minimap, displayed in red.
NEUTRAL Power Circles are in the center of the minimap, displayed in gray.

  • You can only summon creatures on friendly or neutral Power Circles (except for the Obelisk, which can be summoned anywhere).
  • Try to defend at least one of the neutral points to stay ahead in the power race.






All creatures (except Obelisks) will capture Power Orbs that appear on the circle where they're present, leaving you and your teammates to fight while they collect Power for your Guardian.

You can deny creature Orb capture by disrupting them or by killing them before they finish capturing the Orb!

If no creature is present on a Power Circle where an Orb has spawned, you can manually capture the Orb for your team - regardless of which side of the map it's on.


When a creature is not in combat, it will defend itself with a DEFLECTION SHIELD. While active, this shield will automatically deflect ranged attacks fired from outside the creature's immediate area of influence.

This shield is lowered in a couple scenarios:

  • When the creature is capturing a Power Orb.
  • When an enemy gets close enough to engage them in combat.

Hiding behind the deflect shield of an allied creature is a great way to avoid enemy sniper fire!


When any creature is fully summoned and out of combat, it will radiate a HEALING AURA at the base of its Power Circle. This aura provides healing to allies who stand inside of it.

Like the deflect shield, the healing aura disappears when the creature is capturing an Orb or when an enemy gets close enough to engage it in combat.

Retreating to friendly creatures is the most reliable way to stay healthy on the battleground; take advantage of their strengths!


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