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Gigantic 203: Skills, Upgrades, and Focus

Von MO Evangelos
So 18 Jun 2017 02:03:00 PDT




Each Hero comes with a unique set of skills that are available at the start of the game. As you gain experience and level up, you’ll be able to upgrade these skills to deal more damage, apply different effects to allies and enemies, or even change the function of the skill entirely. This not only allows you to build your Hero in a way that matches your playstyle, but makes each Hero a versatile competitor on the battlefield!









Your PRIMARY ATTACK has no cooldown and can be used freely. This is your most reliable source of damage or healing.


RMB / Q / E

/ /

SECONDARY attack skills are generally more impactful than your primary attack, but come with longer cooldowns. Use them early and often.



+ ,

Your FOCUS Skill is the most powerful ability in your Hero's arsenal. It can turn the tide of battle and secure victory for your team.




UPGRADING is the method by which your character becomes more powerful during a match of Gigantic, and is also the best way for you to tailor your Hero to your preferred playstyle. Each skill has a unique upgrade tree, which can be accessed by clicking the upgrade key.



(Hold) CTRL


As you gain experience, you gain levels. With each level, you gain one skill point that can be used to upgrade a skill of your choice. At level 5, you also gain a SKILL SPECIALIZATION - a special passive trait that not only increases the potency of one of your skill, but grants an additional power during the Clash.

Every match is different, so think about how each of your upgrades can best help your allies, counter your opponents, and influence the battleground!


  • Consider the benefits of each upgrade vs. the enemy team. Poison should be used against healers, while armor breaks are strong against tanks.
  • Find a moment between battles to spend your available skill points. Staying on top of your upgrades makes a huge difference!
  • Don't forget to unlock your Skill Specialization at Level 5! 



FOCUS is a special resource that is accumulated and stored throughout every match of Gigantic, and can be used to unleash a powerful attack, or upgrade your young creatures to powerful adults.

Unlike your other skills, your Focus requires you to build up FOCUS CHARGES before it can be used. There are four ways to accumulate focus:

  • By dealing damage to enemies.
  • By healing allies.
  • By taking damage.
  • Some focus is gained when you die.

When you've gained enough focus, you are granted a Focus Charge. You can store up to 3 charges of Focus, each of which increases the potency of your Focus attack.

You can also use your Focus Charges to upgrade your young creatures to their adult form. Each creature has a Focus cost associated with upgrading it, but doing so will summon a much stronger ally to aid your team and hold territory on the map.



  • USE YOUR FOCUS! Don't let it go to waste, especially if you've built 3 Focus Charges.
  • If you have multiple Focus Charges, consider using some to upgrade your creatures.
  • Practice using your Focus skill in the Practice Arena; understanding its effects can turn the tide of battle!

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