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Gigantic 502: Using Your Minimap

Von MO Evangelos
So 18 Jun 2017 05:02:00 PDT




The minimap is located in the top right corner of the screen, and is your best resource for real-time information, updates, and tactical details about the battlefield.

Here's some of the information you'll find displayed on the minimap:

  • Power Circles
  • Creature Status
  • Power Orb Timing
  • Allied Heroes
  • Enemy Heroes
  • Tactical Pings
  • Guardian Movement
  • Combat Status

In this guide, we've broken down the minimap into different categories so we can talk about the different kinds of information displayed on your HUD. Use the tabs below to see the different layers of the minimap, and to get a feel for how the information can be used to control the battlefield.





Each map provides a unique layout where you'll navigate, battle, and fight for control.

  • The solid, opaque area is the playable space where you’ll move, fight, and control.

  • The faded, transparent area is a locked part of the battlefield. This area unlocks during the transition to the Clash, when it will become solid. At this time, the previously accessible area of the map will fade out.

  • The bottom half of the map is always your friendly territory, regardless of which Guardian you’re fighting alongside.


Each Power Circle is labeled on the minimap, and provides a clear indication of its current state.

  • Power Circles are displayed as GREEN for friendly points, GRAY for neutral points, and RED for enemy points.

  • The closest point to your airship is always your A point. As the points get further away from your airship, they will be labeled in alphabetical order.

  • Friendly creature types will be marked by the symbol of their family.

  • Enemy creatures will only display their family after you or one of your allies encounters them at close range. Scout them out to update your minimap.

  • A white border shows that the creature has been upgraded to an ADULT creature. 


Stay close to your allies and find your enemies by watching their movement on the minimap.

  • Your position is indicated by a teardrop arrow on the minimap, showing where you are and which direction you're facing.

  • Teammates are displayed with an icon of their Hero, and can be seen anywhere on the minimap as long as they are alive.

  • Allies who have been defeated are marked by a white skull on the minimap. Be cautious in these areas.

  • Enemies will be briefly marked by a red dot when revealed. This only happens when in the vision radius of a Cerberus or in the vicinity of your Guardian.

  • Guardian icons indicate their position. You can use this to follow them during a Rampage or when transitioning to the Clash.


There are a number of context-sensitive indicators that will also display important events that occur during a match.

  • Look for allies or creatures with a " " over their icon. This means they're currently in combat and require your assistance!

  • A golden circle filling clockwise around a Power Circle will show a Power Orb that's about to spawn.

  • A golden circle disappearing counter-clockwise around a Power Circle will show a Power Orb that's currently being collected.

  • Watch for pings from your teammates! These are red (fight here), orange (caution), blue (on my way), and green (summon here).


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