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Patch Notes: November 3rd 2016

Von LaughingTrendy
Di 01 Nov 2016 19:06:36 PDT

Below you'll find the update notes for the changes made between build 226725 and 238340 (current build). Please feel free to discuss these changes over on the official forum, and let us know if you encounter any bugs in the game!



A key aspect of Gigantic is choosing your hero's upgrades. Upgrades allow you to become more powerful, to enable different play styles or tactics, and to counter your opponents.

While most of the upgrades you'll modify use "upgrade points," and are arranged into branching upgrade trees for each skill, there's one special kind of upgrade called a "Skill Specialization" that allows you to make one of your skill much more powerful. Unlike skill upgrade, specializations do not use an upgrade point, and you only get one in any given match.

In a previous iteration of this system, skill specializations only became available when you entered the Clash (the grand finale of every battle), and were designed to feel extremely powerful. In our testing, however, we discovered that we didn't like the timing of this unlock: not only because it made synergies between your upgrades feel like they were out of your control, but because it limited some of the most enjoyable upgrades to the final moments of the game. 

Now you can choose a skill specialization as soon as you reach Level 5. This will provide an immediate boost for your skills, and then will unlock a powerful bonus after transitioning to the Clash - known as a "Clash bonus" - which further promotes the increased intensity during the final moments of the game.

  • Skill specializations are now unlocked at level 5 instead of at the Clash transition.
  • Skill specializations now come with a powerful "DURING CLASH" bonus that unlocks when your match transitions to the Clash.



A new tutorial experience has been added. Here, players can learn the basics of securing a victory in Gigantic, including lessons which cover the following mechanics:

  • Summoning creatures (and helping others summon)
  • Upgrading creatures
  • Purchasing skill upgrades
  • Combat essentials
  • Securing a wound

In the future, we not only plan to expand this experience and soften the transition between the tutorial and real player matches, but will continue to improve the messaging of key concepts to the player in both the tutorial and live matches.



The first version of our Quick Messaging System (abbreviated as "QMS") is now implemented and functional! This will allow you to quickly message other players in the game with several pre-set messages and generic audio lines to help coordinate your team. Eventually, we will be implementing character-specific audio to more effectively message your team.

  • Using a keyboard, use the 1 - 4 keys to access the QMS menus. Press the Esc key to close the QMS without selecting a command.
  • Using the controller, use the D-Pad (Left/Right/Up/Down) to access the QMS.
  • Note that the QMS is not available when the summoning UI is active (since they use the same keys to interact).
  • Like the ping system, the rate at which you can use QMS commands is limited! For now, you can only send one QMS command every 5 seconds.



It sucks when someone crashes out after waiting in the queue, or drops from a game once your team hits the battlefield. To prevent issues which will knock players out of matchmaking or out games that they've joined, we've made a few adjustments which should help ensure that players are running with the proper hardware and drivers:

  • Implemented a new check for players running on ATI video cards. This check will require an update to the 16.10.1 driver (at minimum) before allowing the players to enter the game, as any older drivers are known to cause crashes in the game.
  • Users with less than 6GB of memory are known to cause crashes when attempting to play the game. As such, there is a gate that will prevent any computers running less than 6GB of memory from launching the game.
  • Fixed a common issue where players would be prompted with a "reconnect to match" dialogue for games that are no longer valid. If you see this dialogue and fail to connect to a match, please take a moment to visit this thread to let us know about your experience.




  • Increased the speed of the visual effects when "cleansed" of debuffs to better match the 0.5 seconds of debuff immunity granted when you are cleansed.
  • Adjusted the animation when interrupted to play on the hero's full body, rather than splitting the upper body and lower body when moving.
  • Fixed a bug which would cause heroes to collide with the guardians when using the jump pads on the airship.


There are a couple of hero actions that are critical to the game's objectives: summoning creatures, and capturing orbs. We believe this puts a rather extreme premium on "disruption" abilities when selecting a hero or building a team. While that's something we can try to balance around, we wanted to give heroes who don't have as many crowd control skills the opportunity to interrupt these actions. As such, we've added the ability to interrupt an enemy hero or creature simply by dealing direct damage to the enemy performing the action.

  • Summoning can now be interrupted by dealing 500 damage to the summoner.
  • Orb capture can now be interrupted by dealing 300 damage to the hero or creature capturing the orb.


For some time, we've been discussing some adjustments to the hero jump height for several reasons:

1. Simply pressing JUMP and being able to go over top of all other heroes in a single jump made the game feel more chaotic than it should be (at times).
2. Repeatedly spamming JUMP (a.k.a. bunny hopping) would cause your hit box to completely shift to a point where there was no overlap. This made the value of repeatedly jumping pretty darn high when under fire.
3. Our previous attempts at solving these issues hurt more than they helped, mostly because the rules felt largely arbitrary.

  • Reduced the upward force when a hero jumps by about 30%.
  • Reduced the default gravity scale (the downward force) for all heroes by about 13%.
  • Increased the ability of characters to "step up" to ledges which are above them when leaping upwards.

Because of these changes, we've also adjusted the penalties applied when a hero makes several consecutive jumps:

  • After 3 jumps, your momentum is multiplied by 0.9 for every consecutive jump that is made. This penalty extends for every jump within second after landing.
  • Consecutive jump penalties no longer impair jump height.


The range for leap and teleport skills controls how far you can travel with the skill - no surprises there. But we have not, historically, made a distinction between vertical distance and horizontal distance. As it happens, the horizontal distances we want you to be able to travel are much longer than the vertical distances we want you to be able to travel. As such, we've implemented some changes which will allow us to limit vertical distances without reducing horizontal ones. As a result of this implementation, you may need to step away from a wall before you're able to jump on top of it.

  • Leap and teleport skills are now much more limited in how high they move your character.


We've made some pretty significant changes to the summoning rules of the game, including some changes to the rate at which creatures are summoned both pre- and post-Clash.

  • You can now summon creatures during the Clash.
  • Increased the minimum amount of time to summon a creature from 10 seconds to 15 seconds.
  • Pre-Clash (Friendly Point): x0.5 normal summoning time.
  • Pre-Clash (Neutral Point): x1 normal summoning time.
  • Clash (Friendly Point): x1 normal summoning time.
  • Clash (Neutral Point): x2 normal summoning time.


  • Fixed a bug where the UI for summoning creatures would not play any sounds in network games.
  • Did a comprehensive overhaul to try and bring everything into more normalized volumes. Please let us know if anything sounds particularly out-of-balance with the rest of the game.

We've also done a full guardian overhaul while also cleaning out some old lines which cluttered up the guardian voice-over lines.

  • Guardians will no longer call out when a creature is summoned.
  • Removed creature-specific death audio lines in lieu of a generic "we have lost a creature" callout.
  • Increased the priority of multi-kill callouts. The current priority list is: Match Start / End > Rampage Events > Multikill / Team Wipes > Minion Events
  • Removed guardian rampage audio lines related to waiting and vulnerability phases.
  • Guardians will no longer tell you to go in for the wound when they take the wound.


  • Added in generic voice-over lines for the Quick Messaging System (QMS) for all heroes. These lines use general voices, and will now play for your team when you select a QMS options from the list.
  • Implemented localized audio lines for the German (male and female) and French (male only) QMS triggers.


We are working on improving our transitions into and out of matches, and have added two new cinematics at the start and end of every match of Gigantic!

Match Start:

  • Versus screen lists your opponents, the map you're about to play, and each player's loading progress.
  • Added a new intro cinematic to establish the arrival of your team and your guardian on the battlefield, and to provide you with one last opportunity to look over the environment you're about to enter.

Match End:

  • We are aiming to ease players out of the match by including a brief slowdown as the screen fades to white, announces victory or defeat, and finally reveals the post-match results.
  • We've rebuilt the post-match screens to better showcase the rewards you earned and the results of the match.
  • This includes a reorganized structure, lots more animation, account and hero rank-ups, and fortune card set completions.




We've made several changes to amount of experience required to progress through the levels. This should help smooth out the leveling curve over the course of a match.

  • Slightly increased the amount of experience needed to reach Level 2; in general, it should now require creatures summons rather than summons.
  • Overall decreased the amount of experience needed to progress through the early levels.
  • Slightly increased the experience requirements to gain mid-to-late levels.
  • Decreased the amount of experience gained when a creature is summoned from 800 to 600 experience. All players now gain the same amount of experience regardless of who summoned the creature.
  • Decreased the amount of experience gained when an orb is collected from 200 to 150 experience. All players now gain the same amount of experience regardless of who captured the orb.


Brand new, custom art has been added to every fortune card in the game in all 3 rarities (Basic, Rare, and Legendary). The cards were a collaborative effort across UI, character, and concept artists. This includes:

  • New fortune cards for all hero sets.
  • New fortune cards for the complete 'Major Arcana' set (22 cards).
  • New fortune cards for the 'Initiate' set (6 "tutorial" challenges).




  • Summoned creatures that are meditating at a location where power is present will now attempt to collect it regardless of whether they recently tried to while in combat.
  • Players can no longer attempt to capture orbs on any point controlled by an enemy creature. The creature must now be removed before collecting the orb.

We've made a change to separate a creature's health from the amount of time it takes to summon said creature. This is for two major reasons: as soon as a creature took any damage or received healing, their health would no longer be an accurate indicator of the time until it's summoned; and second, the passive regeneration would often deter attackers, since it's difficult to gauge damage vs. the creature's healing. This change should not only make attacking a creature feel more rewarding, but should provide a more accurate gauge of the time it takes for a creature to summon.

  • All creatures now start at full health when initially placed, but no longer regenerate health while summoning. This means that any damage dealt to a summoning creature will remain once the summoning process is complete.


  • Updated to properly change targets if an ally that is below 33% health is nearby while the Bloomer is currently healing a target above 50% health.
  • Fixed a bug where healing provided by their beams was stacking at 100% with all other sources of healing instead of the standard 10%.
  • Fixed a rare bug where bloomers would stop fighting or collecting orbs on certain points.


  • All Drakes will once again use their tactical artillery attacks on enemies in their area of influence.



We have added several new options for players to get their feet wet in the Practice Arena:

  • Now includes several weaker creatures for players to brawl with and test out their skills. (Fighting the really tough creatures could be kinda harsh!)
  • A new area has been added that allows players to experiment with and get a solid feel for their movement and navigation skills.
  • We've added new summoning circles to summon enemy minions, as well as a friendly summoning circle to test out your minion's abilities.

Side note: Players can no longer summon Voden to help them out in the current build, though he may return in the future.

  • Upon entering the map, players will receive an introductory matinee that teaches you a little bit about the map. Hit JUMP (Spacebar on your keyboard or A on a controller) to skip this matinee.
  • Added new art to the map, as well as several new areas and objectives to allow you to test out new heroes and skills while in combat.
  • You can now swap heroes by returning to the airship.
  • NOTE: Players using a controller will need to return to the airship to exit the instance. Returning to the airship will automatically send you back to the game lobby rather than allowing you to select a new hero.

  • Fixed bug that would prevent Leiran from returning to her lair after a rampage.
  • Fixed numerous collision bugs around the map.


  • Fixed a rare crash when transitioning to the Clash on the Sanctum Falls map.


  • Moved the location of the cyclops gates around the and points. They now only block a single cave entry instead of blocking both cave entrances leading into the guardian's lair.
  • Fixed numerous collision bugs around the map.




  • Life Line upgrade: Fixed a bug which prevented the bonus healing from sticking. Taking this upgrade now properly provides +20% incoming healing.
  • Focused Might upgrade: Lowed the base attack damage bonus after using your focus from +10% (max +20%) to +7% (max +14%).

During our testing, there have been longstanding complaints about the hit-reaction immunity granted when using your focus skill. There are two main issues: one is that focus skills vary greatly in length, so the hit-reaction immunity benefits some heroes more than others; the other is that there's little counter-play to some focus attacks once they are activated. While we felt removing hit-reaction immunity entirely would be too harsh (due to the amount of easily-accessible crowd control skills in the game), we've made this change to make their effects more consistent across all heroes while also adding some counter-play to the longer focus attacks.

  • Focus attacks now grant 0.5 seconds of damage and hit-reaction immunity for all heroes. This replaces the hit-reaction immunity that used to last the duration of the Focus attack and vary from hero to hero.

Aisling is a mobile hero who is very good at harassing enemies, and that's okay! A pet hero should have those attributes, but we also recognize that she's been able to act with too much impunity over the past few months. That, on the other hand, is bad. There are two major culprits we see for this:

1. Sir Cador is able to dish out damage with arguably no risk.

2. Aisling is able to deliver damage from afar with the ranged-attack upgrade, Spectral Wave, for her primary attack.

To address these, we're making some changes which force her to commit to a fight in order to deal damage. Not only are we making Cador more reliant on Aisling when prioritizing and dealing damage to enemies, but we've made several adjustments to her skills and upgrades.


  • Increased Aisling's armor when Cador is in the blade from 25 / 20 (front/back) to 30 20.
  • Reduced the projectile range of Aisling's Spectral Wave (LMB/RT) projectile from 12.5m to 10m, which now matches all other beam ranges.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented Cador from striking targets on raised terrain.


While we're waiting on the technology that will give Cador a persistent health pool, we've made a change to simulate that by rewarding players for attacking Cador even if they're unable to kill him.

  • Reduced Sir Cador's base attack damage by 33%.
  • Cador will now only attack targets within 15 meters of Aisling.
  • Increased Cador's leash range from 1500 to 2000 units.
  • Cador now uses his distance from Aisling to determine when he should stop chasing and attacking a target.
  • Increased Sir Cador's attack damage when hitting the same target as Aisling by 33%. (As a result, Sir Cador now deals "triple damage" to enemies struck by Aisling's primary attack.)


  • Aisling's jump attack can now be triggered mid-combo.
  • Fixed a bug where jumping while out of stamina and with Cador in the blade would result in triggering her unpowered attacks.
  • Spectral Wave upgrade: Reduced damage dealt from 90 to 80 damage.
  • Spectral Might upgrade: Reduced damage bonus for allies from +25% to +15% damage.


  • Reduced the summon/command range of Cador's Command to match Aisling's projectile range, from 12 meters to 10 meters.
  • Cador's Charge upgrade: Reduced the amount of damage dealt by Cador's power attack from +100% damage to +50% damage
  • Burning Blade upgrade: Reduced the burning damage from 50 dmg/s to 40 dmg/s.
  • Fixed a rare bug where using Cador's Command would sometimes cause Cador to spawn and then fall through the world to his death.


  • Now increases the cooldown of the skill based on the health of Cador at the time he was recalled. The minimum cooldown is now 6 seconds, while the maximum cooldown is 12 seconds.
  • Removed the invisibility upgrade from the skill and replaced it with the Spirited Run upgrade.
  • Spirited Run upgrade: You can sprint when using this skill. Increased stamina gain to +20 stamina


  • The Skirmishing upgrade now gives +5 stamina regen while in combat instead of +10 stamina regen.
  • Ghostly Might upgrade: Fixed a bug where taking the upgrade would deal more than the intended +10% damage.


Updated all skill specializations with Clash bonuses. These were all available in prior builds.

  • Command Performance specialization: Sir Cador deals an additional +20% damage when attacking Aisling's target. DURING THE CLASH: Sir Cador's attacks add more focus.
  • Echoes from Beyond specialization: Q/LB: War Cry affects a larger area. DURING THE CLASH: On use, Sir Cador gains 750 health.
  • Total Recall specialization: E/RB: 25% more healing from the skill. DURING THE CLASH: 50% shorter cooldown if an enemy is within 10 meters.



  • Fixed a bug where throwing the grenade really high into the air would cause it to disappear before landing.


  • Beckett is now able to sprint much sooner after triggering a reload.


  • Refocus upgrade: Now properly calculates focus provided by the skill.


Each hero now has a set of "Skill Specializations." These are unlocked at Level 5 and add a special "Clash bonus" when a match transitions to the Clash.

  • Outgunned specialization: LMB/RT: Basic attacks deal +10% damage to attacking foes. DURING THE CLASH: Raises bonus damage to +20% damage.
  • Grenadier specialization: RMB/LT: Grenade now has a -2 second cooldown. DURING THE CLASH: Extends the cooldown reduction to -4 seconds.
  • Ready to Jet specialization: E/RB: On use, you gain 25 Stamina. DURING THE CLASH: You gain double focus while jetpacking.



  • Focused Might upgrade: Lowed the base attack damage bonus after using your focus from +10% (max +20%) to +7% (max +14%).


Each hero now has a set of "Skill Specializations." These are unlocked at Level 5 and add a special "Clash bonus" when a match transitions to the Clash.

  • Burning Breath specialization: RMB/LT: Dragon's Breath inflicts burning (25 dmg/s, 4 seconds). DURING THE CLASH: Doubles burning damage to 50 dmg/s.
  • Propulsion specialization: Q/LB: Detonate launches you farther and hits a larger area. DURING THE CLASH: Gain a +12% speed boost for 3 seconds upon landing.
  • Hail Yes specialization: E/RB: Hot Hail has much longer range. DURING THE CLASH: Gain focus when a foe dies with burn that you inflicted.



  • Fixed a bug that caused this skill to do much less damage than intended.


  • Portal Beasts will now properly rotate to face the target you are attacking.


  • Improved the portal visual effects; the starry sky decal will no longer disappear and reappear.


Each hero now has a set of "Skill Specializations." These are unlocked at Level 5 and add a special "Clash bonus" when a match transitions to the Clash.

  • Zoned Out specialization: Q/LB: Rift Zone now affects a larger area (3.5-meter radius). DURING THE CLASH: Rift Zone deals damage on start.
  • Phase Variance specialization: E/RB: You can remain in your portal longer (5 seconds). DURING THE CLASH: You move 50% faster while in the portal.
  • Beast Friends specialization: RMB/LT: Creates Portal Beasts faster and gives you +10 Stamina. DURING THE CLASH: Gain 10% focus when you summon a Portal Beast facing an enemy.



  • Increased in-combat stamina regeneration rate by 20%.


  • Increased the base fire rate by 5%.
  • Fixed a bug where the skill would fail to fire a projectile halfway through the duration of the skill.
  • Rapid Fire upgrade: Reduced the bonus fire rate from +20% to +15%. This is the same as it was previously, considering the base rate increase.
  • Impeding Fire upgrade: Altered the upgrade from a flat 20% slow to a 5% slow that stacks to 30%. The slow still has a second duration.


  • When the Cannon upgrade path is chosen, mid-air explosions now properly display their visual effects.


Each hero now has a set of "Skill Specializations." These are unlocked at Level 5 and add a special "Clash bonus" when a match transitions to the Clash.

  • Heat Transfer specialization: RMB/LT: Rail Gun has a -2 second cooldown. DURING THE CLASH: Inflicts extended burn (50 dmg/s, 5 seconds) on burning foes.
  • Bombardment specialization: Q/LB: Mortar range is dramatically increased. DURING THE CLASH: Using the skill provides additional focus.
  • Double Plating specialization: E/RB: +5 Front Armor while Fortified. DURING THE CLASH: 80% degen reduction while fortified.



  • Both scoped and un-scoped shots are now more responsive when chaining them from other skills.


  • Scoping and un-scoping is now more responsive when used between Autobolts shots.


  • Freeze Tag upgrade: Fixed a bug where the area of effect would, on some occasions, not be created.


Each hero now has a set of "Skill Specializations." These are unlocked at Level 5 and add a special "Clash bonus" when a match transitions to the Clash.

  • Stay on Target specialization: RMB/LT: Scoped shots have no recoil. DURING THE CLASH: Focus gain is boosted after consecutive hits, to a max of 2x focus after 10 hits.
  • Secret Stash specialization: Q/LB: Special Ammo has a -2 second cooldown. DURING THE CLASH: Extends the cooldown reduction to -4 seconds.
  • Fog of War specialization: E/RB: Stealth duration from Smoke Bomb is increased to 2 seconds. DURING THE CLASH: When under the effects of her Smoke Bomb stealth, Imani gains 50% damage resistance.



Each hero now has a set of "Skill Specializations." These are unlocked at Level 5 and add a special "Clash bonus" when a match transitions to the Clash.

  • Wind Up specialization: RMB/LT: Chuck deals more damage and ignores armor. DURING THE CLASH: After hitting, your basic attacks ignore armor for 4 seconds.
  • Trample specialization: Q/LB: Gore covers more ground and deals 50 more damage. DURING THE CLASH: On hit, Gore's cooldown is 7 seconds shorter.
  • Fury specialization: E/RB: Bull Rush lasts 3 seconds longer. DURING THE CLASH: Your basic attack gives triple focus during Bull Rush.



  • Reduced the time before you can move or attack after using a jump attack.


  • Rush In Attack upgrade: Fixed a bug where the second Q/LB would sometimes trigger immediately when used after other skills.


Each hero now has a set of "Skill Specializations." These are unlocked at Level 5 and add a special "Clash bonus" when a match transitions to the Clash.

  • Quick to Anger specialization: RMB/LT: Lowers the base cooldown of the skill to 4 seconds. The cooldown increases as you hold RMB/LT. DURING THE CLASH: Gain a speed boost after deflecting or hitting with Hellburst.
  • Super Charger specialization: Q/LB: Charge Forth has a -4 second cooldown. DURING THE CLASH: After using Charge Forth, gain +25 front armor for 3 seconds.
  • Impact Crater specialization: E/RB: The leap affects enemies in a larger area. DURING THE CLASH: Gain more focus if you hit multiple foes.



  • Damage dealt by Magic Bolts will now fall off based on the range at which an enemy is struck. The base damage of her attacks falls off to 50% at max range.
  • One Dimensional Offense upgrade: After using Attractor Beam (RMB/RT) or Dimension Door (E/RB), Magic Bolt's fire rate is increased by 20%.
  • Run and Hit upgrade: Fixed a bug which prevented this upgrade from functioning properly after using Attractor Beam (RMB/LT).
  • Omega Bolt upgrade: The final bolt can now be fired in midair.


The Drawn to Life upgrade was slowing for more than intended, but also felt too similar to the Force Feedback upgrade on the opposite upgrade branch, which has the added benefit of crippling the target. We've replaced it with something that's still about finishing enemies off, but less about crowd control.

  • Drawn to Life upgrade: Attractor Beam deals triple damage against targets below 33% health.


  • Slightly increased the default targeting range of the skill.
  • Reverse Polarity upgrade: Your Vortex lasts 50% longer and reflects enemy projectiles. Increased the targeting range to 10 meters.
  • Induction Field upgrade: Added a second delay before an enemy is pulled into the Arcane Vortex. Taking this upgrade adds a +5 second cooldown to the skill.
  • True Strike upgrade: Omega Bolts can no we redirected through the modified Vortex.
  • Addition by Diffraction upgrade: Q/LB, Q/LB: You now gain a +20% damage boost for seconds if you hit a foe inside your Arcane Vortex.


  • Now allows sprinting while targeting and at the end of the animation.


  • Refocus upgrade: Now properly calculates focus provided by the skill.
  • Increased the targeting area for Mozu's focus to hit multiple targets much more reliably.


  • The Skirmishing upgrade now gives +5 stamina regen while in combat instead of +10 stamina regen.


Each hero now has a set of "Skill Specializations." These are unlocked at Level 5 and add a special "Clash bonus" when a match transitions to the Clash.

  • All to Tether Now specialization: RMB/LT: Attractor Beam stays attached at longer range. DURING THE CLASH: Rapidly grants focus while attached to an enemy.
  • Perfect Storm specialization: Q/LB: Arcane Vortex is larger. DURING THE CLASH: Using the skill raises Mozu's crit chance to 100%.
  • Added Dimension specialization: E/RB: Dimension Door has much longer range. DURING THE CLASH: If Mozu is over 50% health, the skill has a -6 second cooldown.



The Power Surge upgrade was hard to use effectively. Very rarely were you able to get a bunch of LMB/RT hits on someone's back to get a good stack of the damage bonus. As such, we've changed it to require only a single back or side attack to get the buff. While this still requires some degree of positioning, it makes it more likely that you'll be able to take advantage of the damage buff.

  • Power Surge upgrade: Changed from a stacking damage bonus to a flat +25% damage bonus when hitting enemies in the back.
  • Full Charge upgrade: Now refreshes the duration of Power Surge regardless of where you hit your enemy.
  • Lightning Quick upgrade: Now provides a +25% movement speed bonus when Power Surge is triggered.


  • In a Flash upgrade: Fixed a bug where the upgrade wouldn't work properly if you were in the air.


  • You can now move slightly sooner after the focus skill ends.


Each hero now has a set of "Skill Specializations." These are unlocked at Level 5 and add a special "Clash bonus" when a match transitions to the Clash.

  • Cutting Edge specialization: RMB/LT: Bleeding deals double damage. DURING THE CLASH: On hit, all basic attacks have 30% armor penetration for 5 seconds.
  • Storm Rider specialization: Q/LB: Electric Slide now has a -3 second cooldown. DURING THE CLASH: During the slide, Tripp is now immune to debuffs.
  • Back in a Flash specialization: E/RB: You can perform Flashdance more often. DURING THE CLASH: When Tripp becomes visible, her crit chance raises to 100%.



  • Tyto's dodge attack now uses the same animation as Hidden Talon instead of a different one.
  • Reduced the base travel distance of Tyto's dodge attack.


  • Swoop de Loop upgrade: Reduced the delay before Tyto can sprint or use other skills after landing.


  • En Garde upgrade: Fixed a bug which prevented the skill from properly providing +10 front armor and an additional +10 front armor when attacking.


  • Angular Momentum upgrade: Fixed a bug which resulted in a +15% damage boost to all attacks, rather than only back attacks or attacks made after dodging.


Each hero now has a set of "Skill Specializations." These are unlocked at Level 5 and add a special "Clash bonus" when a match transitions to the Clash.

  • Swooping It Up specialization: RMB/LT: Swoop provides +15 stamina on use. DURING THE CLASH: If Tyto is below 50% health, the skill has a -3 second cooldown.
  • Equilibrium specialization: Q/LB: Blade Dance lasts 50% longer. DURING THE CLASH: +20 armor during Blade Dance.
  • Pet Projectile specialization: E/RB: Fang travels farther and has 33% reduced cooldown. DURING THE CLASH: Talon deals +10% damage against bleeding foes.


Players have raised some concerns about the "push trap" aspect of Uncle Sven's Q/LB skill (Elastic Ooze), especially when enhanced with the upgrade that allows it to launch instead of push. We've made a couple of changes to it in an effort to address these concerns:

  • You can now jump over the ooze (which makes more sense anyway).
  • The launch upgrade only applies to direct hits.

It is still the case that the push from the ooze on the ground only happens to the first enemy to run into the ooze.


  • Elastic Ooze can now be jumped over.
  • Added a new "bubble" effect that denotes whether an enemy has been pushed by the pool. When an enemy is pushed, the bubble pops.
  • Oozing With Confidence upgrade: Adjusted the upgrade to only launch enemies and toss them farther on a direct hit. Enemies who run into an ooze pool on the ground are only pushed, even after taking this upgrade.


Each hero now has a set of "Skill Specializations." These are unlocked at Level 5 and add a special "Clash bonus" when a match transitions to the Clash.

  • Potent Medicine specialization: E/RB: Healing Waters heals for more. DURING THE CLASH: Gain focus when Healing Waters affects an ally. This can only be triggered once every 5 seconds.
  • Chemical Imbalance specialization: RMB/LT: Acid debuff duration is doubled to 6 seconds. DURING THE CLASH: Upon hitting an enemy with the skill, nearby allies gain a +10% damage buff for 5 seconds.
  • Ooze and Ahhs specialization: Q/LB: Elastic Ooze now has a -2 second cooldown. DURING THE CLASH: Extends the cooldown reduction to -4 seconds.


Because of her need to constantly perform skills while staying close to her allies (at least when acting as a support character), stamina management could be pretty difficult for Vadasi. To help offset this constant drain, we've updated her Devotion skill to serve as a means of periodically adding to her stamina pool.


  • Light of Judgment upgrade: Fixed a bug where this attack would hit invisible targets.


  • Chain Smiting upgrade: Fixed a bug which resulted in the upgrade providing more than the +15% bonus damage it was intended to provide.


  • Holy Gust upgrade: On use, adjacent enemies are pushed away. Reduced the cooldown reduction provided if an enemy is pushed from -9 seconds to -6 seconds.
  • Keeping the Faith upgrade: Fixed a bug which prevented the skill from functioning properly unless you had three orbs to start.


  • Removed the stamina cost on the skill. Devotion now provides 5 stamina for each charge stage as the skill is channeled.
  • Fixed a bug which would result in the skill going on cooldown if the player pressed E/RB with the maximum number of orbs already summoned.


  • Removed the delay between activating the skill and gaining the effects of her focus


  • Focused Might upgrade: Lowed the base attack damage bonus after using your focus from +10% (max +20%) to +7% (max +14%).
  • Focused Might upgrade: Now works with the Flameseeker upgrade when it is taken.


Each hero now has a set of "Skill Specializations." These are unlocked at Level 5 and add a special "Clash bonus" when a match transitions to the Clash.

  • Swift Deliverance specialization: LMB/RT: +15% movement speed while healing. DURING THE CLASH: Also gain +15 armor while healing.
  • Divine Light specialization: Q/LB: Divine Wind heals Vadasi for more. DURING THE CLASH: Divine Wind does even more healing when it is triggered.
  • Spiritual Refreshment specialization: E/RB: On use, Vadasi gains 25 Stamina. DURING THE CLASH: Sacrifice no health when creating a third orb.



Voden's heal has felt strong for some time, which seems strong for a hero that brings so much utility to the battlefield, as well.

  • Reduced the base healing of the skill from 60 hp/s to 45 hp/s.
  • Well Wishes upgrade: Reduced the increased healing from 90 hp/s to 60 hp/s.


  • Fixed a bug which allowed the player to summon a second decoy after the first decoy disappears, but before Voden's stealth wears off.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented Voden's decoy from being destroyed on teleport after taking the Heart of Oak specialization and the Alternate Root upgrade tree.


  • Refocus upgrade: Now properly calculates focus provided by the skill.
  • Focused Might upgrade: Lowed the base attack damage bonus after using your focus from +10% (max +20%) to +7% (max +14%).


Each hero now has a set of "Skill Specializations." These are unlocked at Level 5 and add a special "Clash bonus" when a match transitions to the Clash.

  • Toxin specialization: RMB/LT: Adds +1 second poison duration. DURING THE CLASH: Allies near an enemy struck by Voden's Poison Spores deal an additional +15% damage for 5 seconds. This can only be triggered once per 5 seconds.
  • Heart of Oak specialization: Q/LB: Adds +1 second to the stealth duration. DURING THE CLASH: Voden has 50% damage resistance while his decoy is alive.
  • Spring Back specialization: E/RB: Provides an additional +35% healing. DURING THE CLASH: On start, if other allies are in Voden's spring, the skill has a -5 second cooldown.


Wu has a lot of crowd-control skills at his disposal. While this is a cornerstone of his kit, it can feel like he's able to lock down his enemies a bit too reliably.


  • Cyclone Kick upgrade: Increased the cooldown of the skill from 6 seconds to seconds.


  • Splash Zone upgrade: The downward kick now hits a larger area.


  • Removed the targeted aspect of this skill; triggering the skill will now fire it off immediately instead of when you release of the button.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the skill to occasionally send out two projectiles, which would deal double damage and provide double the intended focus.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the Whet Your Appetite upgrade from properly modifying the skill.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the Poisoned Tongue upgrade from working.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the Taste for Blood upgrade from working.


Wu's focus damage was out of line when paired with all the additional benefits he gains from the launch and focus buff.

  • Reduced the damage dealt by the skill from 550/700/1000 to 400/500/600 damage, depending on the focus level.


  • Angular Momentum upgrade: Fixed a bug which resulted in a +15% damage boost to all attacks, rather than only back attacks or attacks made after dodging.


Each hero now has a set of "Skill Specializations." These are unlocked at Level 5 and add a special "Clash bonus" when a match transitions to the Clash.

  • Getting a Leg Up specialization: RMB/LT: Using the skill provides +5 stamina. (This also applies to his RMB/LT+RMB/LT attack.) DURING THE CLASH: Gives you another +5 stamina.
  • Wave Pattern specialization: Q/LB: Decreases the cooldown of Crashing Waves by 2 seconds. DURING THE CLASH: Gives +15 front armor for 3 seconds when the skill ends.
  • Tongue Tide specialization: E/RB: Increases the range of the skill. DURING THE CLASH: Provides more focus upon each successful hit with the skill.


In our testing, we had concerns about Xenobia's overall effectiveness as well as the lack of differentiation in the SLOW debuff between support characters and the primary damage-dealers. To bring her more into line while positioning her as a support character, we've made two big adjustments:

  • We upgraded her SLOW skills to apply a "MAJOR SLOW" to targets. This means that they'll now apply a 30% slow to targets instead of a 20% slow, which should help her stand out even more.
  • Additionally, we've increased the duration of the debuffs applied by her Wave of Sorrow skill.


  • Demoralizing Cry upgrade: Increased the strength of the SLOW applied to enemies from 20% to 30%.


  • Wave of Sorrow skill: Altered the skill to launch a ground-based projectile. On impact, enemies are knocked up for seconds.
  • Mark of Sorrow upgrade: If the enemy has CRACKED ARMOR, the skill now inflicts BROKEN ARMOR (-25 armor, 4 seconds).


  • The right branch upgrades now apply the SLOW to affected targets at the onset of the skill instead of after the damage is applied. Damage is still applied 1.5 seconds after the skill is cast.
  • Increased the strength of the SLOW applied to enemies from 20% to 30%.


  • Focused Might upgrade: Lowed the base attack damage bonus after using your focus from +10% (max +20%) to +7% (max +14%).


Each hero now has a set of "Skill Specializations." These are unlocked at Level 5 and add a special "Clash bonus" when a match transitions to the Clash.

  • Insult and Injury specialization: RMB/LT: Debuffs from Words of Spite last for 2 seconds longer. DURING THE CLASH: If a debuffed foe dies, reset all cooldowns.
  • Swift Sorrow specialization: Q/LB: Cooldown of the skill is reduced to 10 seconds. DURING THE CLASH: Cooldown set to 1 second on hit. (This can be triggered once every 20 seconds.)
  • Reach of Despair specialization: E/RB: Increased targeting range for Mark of Despair. DURING THE CLASH: Hitting a foe gives nearby allies +15% damage (5 seconds).


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