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Star Trek Online

Prelude to the Iconian War

LaughingTrendy tarafından
Pzt 13 Nis 2015 12:00:00 PDT

Warning: Spoilers for Delta Rising and "Uneasy Allies" follow.

When we last saw an Iconian, it was after the attack on Qo'noS in "Surface Tension." That being warned us not to attract their attention again.

We didn't listen.

After "Surface Tension," the combined fleets of Operation Delta Rising went to the Delta Quadrant, where they faced off against the renewed threat of the Vaadwaur. The Vaadwaur were defeated, but not before we discovered that much of their new power came from an alliance with the Iconians. Both the Vaadwaur and the Iconians were species out of time that had lost power and wanted it back. The Vaadwaur needed to update their 900-year-old technology and gain strength. The Iconians needed willing minions to break any alliances that might rise against them. They gave the Vaadwaur ships and weapons, but they kept control over them with their neural parasites.

The Vaadwaur were defeated, but that wasn't the end. In "What's Left Behind," players followed the signals from the device Gaul was using to communicate with the Iconians to a hidden subspace base where they not only found out what they neural parasites were, they found Sela.

The deposed Romulan empress claims she was the captive of the Iconians, not their ally. But can she be trusted?

In "Uneasy Allies," Sela leads the player to a Dyson sphere being used by the Iconians as a staging area for their fleets. The Iconians are back, and their Heralds bring news of our coming destruction.

The Iconian story continues in Season 10. Admiral Quinn and the leaders of the KDF and the Romulan Republic are gathering the best and brightest of their commanders to plan for the inevitable conflict. The battle begins in "Blood of Ancients," a new Featured Episode releasing with Season 10.

In the aftermath, elite teams will make surgical strikes against the enemy. Join them in "Delta Flight," a new episode releasing simultaneously with "Blood of Ancients." (Note: We recommend you do not skip "Blood of Ancients" before playing "Delta Flight.")

War is coming. There will be sacrifices that must be made. If you don't succeed today, there might not be a tomorrow.

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