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Star Trek Online

Anniversary Part II Livestream & Dust to Dust Episode

CaptainSmirk tarafından
Cum 06 Şub 2015 13:00:00 PST


Anniversary Livestream Part II & Dust to Dust Episode!


Join CaptainSmirk today Friday at 2PM PDT in just one hour (click here for your local timezone), as we begin Part II of our Anniversary Livestreams. We will call on Q at ESD to pick up the Anniversary Omega Stabilization Daily and the Party Patrol mini-games, to run them now that our weekly maintenance has stabilized the missions. From there, we will be off to the Delta Quadrant for a run through the new episode, Dust to Dust, with Captain Kim, to grab our latest reward released today, the Kobali Deflector. Come see the Samsar in action with the full Kobali set bonus activated, and find out what happens in the depths of the Kobali Temple. SPOILERS: if you haven't played through the episode yet, you may want to avert your eyes! 

We will be rewarding our standard ZEN giveaways in our chat raffle, as well as more items from the Lobi store from Smirk's private Lobi stash.*

Join us on TwitchTV for the show, and refer back to the recorded versions for instructions on the new mini-games, Anniversary mission rewards, new system mechanics and more!

Make sure you've read up on our Anniversary details listed here:


It's Part II of our Anniversary Livestreams, so come see what's new and improved in the event!

Link to our STO TwitchTV Channel

Community Manager
Star Trek Online


*To be eligible to win, you only need to be logged in to Twitch and chat the keyword that we'll ask players to post (in addition to us saying it verbally, we'll post it in chat so you can copy and paste it) right before each giveaway.

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