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Stones to Hone Sale

Автор: enelimm
Срд 04 Мар 2015 08:00:00

Max out your gear's efficiency by making sure just the right gems are in your gear with this week's super sale for all things stone related. You can also check out our Gem Combining Guide too for more information on how the Gem Combination Charm can be useful to you!


Sale Start: Wednesday, March 4th, 2015 (after the maintenance)
Sale End: Wednesday, March 11th, 2015


On sale:
Advanced Gem Combination Charm (-75%!)
Prismatic Dye
Gem Embed Charm II
Socketing Stone II
LV3 Extract Stone
LV4 Extract Stone
LV5 Extract Stone
LV6 Extract Stone



Advanced Gem Combination Charm
125 Sycee (75% off)

Used to combine 5 of the same gems over
LV4 into a higher level gem.

Prismatic Dye
10 Sycee (50% off)

Special ink that dyes a fashion into a random color.

Gem Embed Charm II
10 Sycee (50% off)

Embeds a gem into socketed gear.


Socketing Stone II
20 Sycee (50% off)

Adds gem slots to your gear.
Max slots vary with gear.


LV3 Extract Stone
15 Sycee (70% off)

Used to remove a LV3 gem from gear.


LV4 Extract Stone
30 Sycee (70% off)

Used to remove a LV4 gem from gear.


LV5 Extract Stone
60 Sycee (70% off)

Used to remove a LV5 gem from gear.

LV6 Extract Stone
90 Sycee (70% off)

Used to remove a LV6 gem from gear.


This sale ends on March 11th, 2015
 so make sure you get into the Marketplace before then!


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