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Midweek Mayhem Charge Reward

Автор: clearmind
Срд 28 Фев 2018 11:00:00


Look forward to great deals on selected Chance Packs dropping regularly in the middle of the week!



Start: 2/28/18 @11:00AM PT 

Points Accrual Ends and Expire: 3/2/18 @11:59PM PT 



This week featuring the Black Star Pack


Yingying Hsongba Fashion Pack
Contains: 1x Yingying Outfit + 1x Yingying Hat for Female characters OR 1x Fire Lord Shirt + 1x Fire Lord Hat for Male characters.

Glazed Bead Charm
Lost Art Scroll Packs
LV5 Gems

Inky Black Dye
Luck-Changing Bead
Wooden Gear
Handcrafted Set Material Pack
Gear Disassembly Charm
Gear Infusion Charm
LV3 Refinement Stone


Charge Rewards


Item Price

Black Star Pack x10

Black Star Pack x25

Black Star Pack x50

Black Star Pack x100


  • For every Sycee that you transfer into the game during the Earning Period your account will receive 1 Charge Reward Point.
  • Spending Charge reward points does NOT spend your Sycee
  • Your account will not be credited with Charge Reward Points until the Sycee is actually transferred to the server.
  • 100 Sycee transferred to Swordsman = 100 Bonus Points (Example: If you charge 1000 Sycee you earn 1000 points).
  • Many of these prizes will be bound to your character, so please double check the rewards before redeeming.
  • Charge reward points will be reset after this promotion





Visit the page to spend your points now!



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