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Content Sneak Peak - New Class

Автор: clearmind
Вск 29 Окт 2017 10:00:00


Introducing a brand new class, the Daji! These pint-sized bruisers hail from the cold mountains of Kunlun. They swing giant hammers with ease despite their small stature. Certainly don't judge anyone by their size!


The Daji are disciples of the goddess Nuwa. This ancient school is exclusively female, blessed by Nuwa's power to carry out her will. Though the goddess has long departed, these warriors continue to serve as the guardians of Kunlun, hoping their master would return one day.

Girls begin their training as Daji at a very young age. They are instilled with Nuwa's powers and thus retain their child-like appearance even well into adulthood.  Though the Daji appear to be ordinary girls, they are masters of both Endo and Exo Chi, allowing them to exercise immense strength.  The hammers they carry are easily twice their own size and weigh so much that not even 10 men combined could hope to lift them. Even so, they can swing them with casual ease, truly telling of the power they wield.

Now, sensing forces that may change Jianghu forever, they descend from the Kunlun Mountains to join the world of Swordsman. 



Growing up in Kunlun Mountains, the Daji are well attuned to nature, wielding the power of Earth as easily as they breathe.  They are also granted an affinity to Fire through Nuwa's bond to Fu Xi, the God of Fire.


Maiden's Hammer Style

A unique combat style, developed and perfected over generations, that uses the Daji's small size to bring out the full potential of the hammer.

Spark Play

Maiden's Gift

Maiden's Wrath


Nuwa's Wisdom

The Daji wields the power of the goddess to greatly enhance her every move.

Serpent Lash

Jade Meteor

Fox Fire

Avatar of Nuwa

By unleashing the powers contained within her, the Daji transforms into the Avatar of Nuwa and gains an unique set of skills.

Avatar's Descent

Goddess Winds

Astral Rain

Focus Skill

Goddess Awakening 



To play as the Daji, your account must have at least one LV60+ character of any school and a free character slot. You can then create a new character as the Daji class.

The Daji will begin automatically at LV60 with a full set of basic Mortal Gear to get you started on a new adventure in Jianghu.


Level Cap Increase

The level cap has been increased from 120 to 130! New frontiers of powers await!




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