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Community Guide - Trading and Utility Skills

Автор: sunnys1deup
Пнд 05 Июн 2017 17:32:35

Guide created by moriarty (Moskov - Shang).


Trading and Utility Skills

Hi I’m Moskov from Shang Server, I’d like to giving some guides for this community..
You can use Trade feature for trading items or golds with other player. Only unbound items and coin currencies can be traded
1. Left-click on the player you want, then right-click on the icon player that appears, then select Trade.
2. Enter the desired item or coin amount, then click lock.
3. After both players have locked you can complete the transaction.
4. Click cancel to cancel the transaction.

Skill Utility is an additional skill possessed by all Classes in Swordsman Online. With the combat system Hack and Slash, this skill helps you to survive or attack.

Press X to use this skill. Block requires stamina and will reduce damage when attacked.

Fast movement in any direction used to avoid opponent attacks. Press A / W / S / D 2x to use this skill. This skill requires stamina.

Fast movement in any direction used in the air. How to use this skill is the same as using Dodge skills. Has a longer range than dodge but the required stamina is also greater.

Air Hike
Jumps 2x into the air. This skill requires stamina, you will also get Upward Soar skill that makes you jump 3x in air. Press the 2x / 3x Space button to use the Air Hike / Upward Soar skill

Eagle Glide
Hovering like a hawk by using the science of lightening the body. Skill requires stamina. Hold down the Space key to use this skill.

Run like a breeze. This skill requires stamina. Press the V key to use this skill.

Water Track
Running on the water using lightening science. This skill requires stamina and can only be used over water. Press the V key to use this skill.

Notice the stamina bar as given in the picture above. All utility skills can not be used if your stamina is depleted.


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