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Guild Spotlight: Gallifreyan Keep

Автор: Andy (StrumSlinger)
Пнд 16 Май 2016 13:41:43

What's the story of how your guild was founded?
It was a cold, wintery day back in February '15. The guild that we were in at the time was disbanding, but we had made some friends and wanted to keep hanging out with them. Granted, for months prior to that we discussed opening our own guild, but didn't really have the need/time/opportunity to do so. After a 20 second conversation, my partner and I decided to create our own guild and see what happened.

At the time, there were only three of us online, and one was off doing something and couldn't come back to Protector's. So our former guild leader was gracious enough to help us put together a party of 5, which actually included a really funny random passer-by who agreed to party up with us. I remember the whole situation being quite silly, and that really set the tone for where the Guild is today.

How did your guild choose its name?
We were watching Doctor Who while trying to bang out the basics for the guild. I'm not sure how "keep" came into the name, but it suddenly sprung into my head and just seemed to "flow". We agreed that it was a great name, because it sounded cool, and in theory it should attract other Whovians, which is kind of our "crowd". 

What's the message you want conveyed about your guild?
We're quirky. We're dorky. We're naughty. We have a lot of fun. 

If your guild had a superpower, what would it be?
Oh, but we do have superpowers... we have patience. We have camaraderie. We have this incessent need to help others. We have an Alf. No one else has an Alf. Or an Angriist.

What's one of the best guild events you've done?
This is one of the hardest questions to answer. There is usually a Guild event of some sort going on. We've done everything from "best character story" on our Forum, to Foundry competitions; also impromptu events like "Hide and Seek in PE" and on the SH map. We've also been known to do "nekked runs" through the re-released 3-man dungeons.

The first time we brought down Katatheo was pretty spectacular. There was a lot of cheering on voice chat.

Typically we give out silly prizes like Bent Forks or the glorious 1' Pole, however, for more serious events we've held, we've given out big prizes like companions, a ton of AD, and most recently, a prepaid Zen card. I still owe a couple people some miniatures from an earlier competition... I'm getting around to that.

Does your stronghold have a name? If it doesn't, what would you name it?
We refer to the castle portion as "The Keep" (short for Gallifreyan Keep, of course!). More importantly, however, our Mimic has a name: Lola. I met her in a club down in old Soho.

What has you most excited about Guild Alliances?
The prospect of Guild Alliances is two-fold for us. Since our membership is fairly spread out across the globe, it's been difficult to run Dragonflight events. But we've got a solid strategy that works really well for us. Being able to have a few more folks from other Guilds help us (and/or we help them) is what everyone is looking forward to.

While we've petitioned only one bigger guild to join forces with us, we'd also like to bring some smaller guilds into the fold... ones that are struggling due to a small number of members. We feel that there is no reason for smaller guilds to "suffer" because they've chosen to remain small. And we like to help.

So we're really hoping that while we can help out others, that we can maybe help ourselves in the process. There's no real rush to get to GH L20, just taking it a structure at a time and continuing to enjoy the game.

If your guild was an animal, what would it be?
One of those red-assed baboons. Although, we have an unnatural affinity for badgers.

Who can players contact if they want either more information or want to join the guild?
In-game: @instynctive or @tessamorsel (or any of our Rank 4 and above members)
Email: instynctive@gallifreyankeep.org or tessamorsel@gallifreyankeep.org
Web: www.GallifreyanKeep.org 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/GallifreyanKeep/

Any final comments?
Some shameless self-promotion:

We've got a close-knit family that can depend on one another. We are non-exploit, and relatively drama-free, and it's my job to keep things that way. Hence the "the Gruff".

We don't charge "taxes", but do expect folks to chip in to help the SH grow. Our Forum is the hub for the Guild... it's quite active and contains a ton of great information to help out our members... from Dragonflight strategies to our "roadmap" for building up the Stronghold. There is also a great deal of silliness. We do "silly" rather well.

Everyone is welcome here, regardless of character or item level or amount of experience, either with MMORPGs or D&D. We are also inclusive of players from all walks of life. Well, except pigknuckles. We don't much care for pigknuckles, but folks like that typically don't hang around too long.

Our "core" group has been with the Guild from pretty much the beginning, and I couldn't have asked for better people. Newer folks have jumped in with both feet and have really made our little slice of Neverwinter a super fun place to be. I'd buy them all a beer if I could.

We're rather excited to be chosen for the Spotlight this time around. While GK has never been big on seeking out attention, it's nice to be recognized. Thanks to Andy and our Mods for this opportunity.

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