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Blacklight: Retribution

Blacklight: Retribution Featured Hero - Grendel

Автор: Jayson
Срд 13 Май 2015 15:00:00


The new Featured Hero is Grendel! Check him out and view his battle-tested gear below!

- K. Moreau, callsign “Grendel” is an expert in all things heavy. He is infamous for his ability to withstand punishment as well as dole it out with munitions that would make even the hardest agent run for cover. 

- Grendel may be slower and heavier than other agents the likes of M.A.R.S. and Crusher, but he more than makes up for it with the highest health rating out of all the heroes, and superior stopping power with his heavy weapons.

- Grendel also comes with the custom taunt, Flex. What better way to further asset dominance over those lesser agents than by hulking out and showing them what a real hero is made of!

- Grendel is equipped with the Barricade Mk.1, making him the ultimate defensive Agent on the battlefield. When he hunkers down behind that barricade he becomes the true meaning of an immovable object.

- Grendel is equipped with the bonus depot item the T56 Trident minigun. Unleashing this spray of hot pain upon hapless agents turns this unmovable object into the unstoppable force.       

- Grendel’s custom firearms include: The Titan H4 ‘Grendel’ MG, A powerful Light Machinegun capable of stopping the strongest foes from mid range with good accuracy, and the Krane XS-V2 ‘Grendel’, a custom Heavy Pistol with deadly accuracy and high damage.

- Grendel is equipped with the Frag Grenade Mk.1, HE Grenade Mk.1, Proximity Mine Mk.1, and the Digi Grenade Mk.1. What can we say, big explosions compliment heavy weapons. And Grendel likes making things go Boom.


Primary Wpn Titan H4 'Grendel' MG
Damage 67
Ammo 80/240
Zoom 3.00
Spread - AIM 1.49
Spread - HIP 3.78
Spread - MOVE 12.63
Firerate 650
Reload 3.33
Scope In 0.28
Recoil 7.53
Range 56/122
Run 7.00


Secondary Wpn      Krane XS-V2 'Grendel'  
Damage 54
Ammo 8/32
Zoom 1.60
Spread - AIM 0.85
Spread - HIP 2.12
Spread - MOVE 3.29
Firerate 600
Reload 3.29
Scope In 0.28
Recoil 4.66
Range 22/64
Run 7.30



- Frag Grenade Mk.1

- HE Grenade Mk.1

- Proximity Mine Mk.1

- Digi Grenade Mk.1

- Tactical Gear: Barricade Mk.1

- Bonus Depot Item: T56 Trident

Grendel is free to use from maintenance 5/13 until maintenance 5/27. Grendel will be on sale from 5/13 until 9:00am PDT on 5/20.

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