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Blacklight: Retribution

New Player Guide

Автор: LaughingTrendy
Птн 21 Фев 2014 13:19:37

Blacklight Retribution Newbie Guide

Made by Nathan Bailey

This is a guide for new players to Blacklight Retribution. I aim to introduce and explain the concept of the game to you!


  1. The start up
  2. The layout of the game
  3. HRV
  4. GP and Zen
  5. The game
  6. The Marketplace
  7. Leveling up! 


1. The start up

Welcome Agents to Blacklight Retribution, the free to play fps! In order to start accessing this brilliant game you will first have to register on the Perfect World Entertainment website. https://www.arcgames.com/en/sign/up

Once you have registered here you will need to download the client and the game. The downloading will take about 30-80 mins. 

Once you have downloaded it you will need to patch it. This will take longer (around 60-180 mins). Once that’s done click play.



When you click play you will be faced with this screen, log in with your Arc username and password and select your server. Europe is for people in Europe and US/AU is for people in the US and Australia.



2. The layout of the game

You will then reach this screen, choose a name and gender.



Once that is done you will be prompted to go into training, this is really helpful and tells you all about the game. I would recommend that you do this. After that you will see that you are given some free 3-day items, you can equip these later in customization.

If your game seems laggy you can change the graphics. This will make you have better frames per second and make your Blacklight experience more enjoyable. Settings can be accessed in the tab settings. In this tab, you can change your crosshair, sound and game quality.



In customization you will find your armor and your weapons; your armor will affect health, speed, stamina HRV duration, HRV recharge and headshot armor prevention.

Health can range from 150-250. When you first start Blacklight you will have 200 health. The HRV duration is how long the HRV will last before shutting off. The HRV recharge is how quickly the HRV will recharge. The armor rating is you’re preventive against headshots. For example when you have 0% armor a normal 50 dmg bullet will do twice as much dmg when hitting the head. Different armor is unlocked after reaching certain levels. Then you can buy that armor with either ZEN or GP (more on this in section 4). Also the armor you have will change the amount of gear slots you have. For example the default build has 2 gear slots. You get up to 4 slots by buying armor with more gear slots.



This here is the weapon customization screen; this is where you will be able to customize your gun how you like. It ranges from barrels to weapon tags. There are many different ways to customize your gun. You can choose from 2 options a premade or a gun from scratch. Premades are weapons that have their own parts that cannot be customized. You can either rent them with GP or permanently buy them with ZEN. The second option is building a gun from scratch. This allows you to choose from a wide range of receivers and parts. This allows you to customize a gun to suit your needs. Once you have built your gun, it will generate a name based in the parts you have used. You can do this with primary and secondary guns.

Prior to the dropzone patch the weight of your barrel and stock will affect your move spread. This is the way the bullets will fly when moving when shooting. For example the krane gx3 heavy barrel will increase your move spread as it is a heavy barrel. Please note this may change after patches.



An example of a premade weapon



Then you can choose to customize your emblem from the default one. You can change background colors and front images. You can buy more foregrounds for your emblem with ZEN In marketplace.



The menu that is open at the moment is the social menu. Here you can access your mail, send mail and look in your inventory. You can also manage your friends list and look at your stats. In stats you will find your k/d ratio and other useful information.



3. HRV

HRV is the most important aspect of the game. It allows you to see through walls and see other players. This is very useful. As you can see here the enemy players are orange and your teammates are blue. You can activate HRV by pressing V on your keyboard. It will activate for a few seconds and then will close down again. You will be able to activate it again when you’re HRV bar fills up again. Please note: you cannot shoot while in HRV mode.


4. GP and ZEN

There are 2 main currencies for this game GP and ZEN. GP is earned through playing the game and ZEN you can buy. ZEN allows you to buy chance packs, more emblems and items from higher levels. There are a selection of items that can only be brought with ZEN, for example emblems, camos and taunts. For example here is a loadout slot you can buy for 1000zen. As you can see you can’t buy this with GP. ZEN can be brought on the perfect world website. https://billing.arcgames.com/en/charge/verify



5. The game

This is the most important part of the guide. If you know all about how the game works, you will go far in Blacklight.

Below this you will see the server list. As you can see I have highlighted the proving grounds server. These are servers for level 1-10. These are really helpful as you get a feel for the game while being able to play against new players as well. Proving ground servers are usually TDM servers. If you want another mode such as DM, CTF, KOTH or S+ D then you can scroll down and find one using the slider on the side. You can also sort the server into maps and game modes by using the drop down menu here. However you will have to play with people higher than level 10. There are also some game modes that are different to the normal ones that you will find. For example there is the new game mode Onslaught. This is the mode than involves killing various waves of zombies. You can do this with up to 4 agents from various levels.



An important part of the game is depots. These can be used to quickly top up health, ammo and other get access to other weapons such as Miniguns and turrets. You can search for the depots using HRV. They will come up as a grey object like this.



Then using the WASD keys you can highlight your choice. For example I have selected a health refill here for 100 CP. CP can be gained by killing your enemies, getting assists, healing teammates and reviving teammates. Depots can be very effective for emergency health and ammo refills. You can buy more depot weapons in the customization menu. Depot weapons can be very effective at killing hardsuits, barricades and turrets.



The Hardsuit is also an important element of the game it can be called in from the sky for 1300 CP.



You will get a gun that will act as a landing spot for the Hardsuit.



The Hardsuit will drop down and you can enter it by pressing E. Fire a shot from your Railgun or several bullets of a Minigun with the 2 mouse keys.



Here is a picture of a normal screen when you die. You will see the 3 options of respawning. Beacon is where you set up a beacon when you’re alive using the beacon tactical gear. This allows the player to respawn at a specific location. Revive is when a player can drop a revival injector on you can you can respawn with half health at your death point. You will notice a time limit on the left hand screen. This is the maximum time before you are forced to revive.



This here is the end game screen it will show the top 3 players on the winning team. You can use a taunt by pressing T.



Here is your screen when you end the game you will see your XP bar go up and your GP bar go up after every game.


6. The marketplace

Once you have earned GP you can buy items in the marketplace. You can either buy with GP or ZEN. Your GP and ZEN count will be at the bottom of your screen.

There are many options for buying items you can either buy items for 3 days, 7 days, and permanent. You are able to buy items for 30 days and 1 day with ZEN.



You can buy parts for your gun such as muzzles, barrels and stocks. This will change the gun’s spread, recoil and damage. For example you can see a 55 damage assault rifle here with 4.21 recoil.



You can also buy new armor for your character this will affect health, run speed, stamina, armor rating, HRV recharge rate and HRV duration. For example here I have a permanent Fox+Cat helmet. This will give me more health and HRV recharge rate.



You can also buy new gear for your character. For example here I have a permanent HE grenade.



Lastly you can buy new depot weapons for example I have brought a Minigun.



You can also get new items for your character through mission chance packs. Mission chance packs can unlock many items permanent, and for a short amount of time. These can be obtained by doing specific missions in Blacklight. An example are when you deal 4000 damage to players you get a mission chance pack.

Another way of getting new items is through chance packs. Some of these can be brought through ZEN and some through GP. For example I have selected a duchess hero chance pack. Each pack is worth 100 ZEN and I have a small chance of winning the top prize of the hero and her alternate skin.

You can also get nodes from chance packs. These are things that will change your stats of your armor and your gun. They consist of different levels (1-5) and come in different ranks. You can equip them in the nodes section. You can also fuse nodes. This is when you take 2 nodes and join them together to make one better node. Be careful though as sometime the fuse won’t work and you will lose a node.



Here is my node socket, I have fused 1 90 day node here. To fuse you click on an empty socket and you will get to fuse any of your nodes.



This is where you fuse your nodes, you can increase your chances by adding GP

Heroes are essentially premade characters with their own gear and weapons. Down below I have selected Grendel. He is a heavy hero with 250 health and a premade LMG. Heroes can either be brought with 2000 ZEN or through chance packs. Heroes range from speed to heavy heroes. The good thing about chance packs is that you can access their alternate skin if you win the hero.



The GP chance packs are different they can be brought with either 100GP, 200GP, 300GP and 1000GP.

The 2 hero packs can be brought with 1000 GP. As you can see below the chance packs can be purchased from lvl 1. Some prizes include Hardsuit camos and different taunts that you can customize your character with. You can access the taunt menu in the profile tab.



The taunt menu (please note it is also labelled as the emotes menu)


7. Leveling up

Once you have played a specific amount of games you will level up. This unlocks new items that the player can buy with GP. In this screen you can see me levelling up to level 2.



When you have levelled up you will get 2 messages. One will include a weapon tag chance pack. This will include a random weapon tag that will change the stats on your weapon. The other one will include a reward pack which will include a bundle of 3 day items that you have unlocked by levelling up to that level.



I hope this guide has taught new players like you to understand the mechanics of the game and the overall layout of this game. Have fun with this new game. See you on the battlefield agent


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