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Blacklight: Retribution

Featured Hero – Lazarus!

Автор: CaptainSmirk
Чтв 26 Дек 2013 16:00:00

This week’s Featured Hero is Lazarus.


- B. Hinds, Callsign “Lazarus” is a field medic. She may not look imposing, but she is an invaluable asset to any squad. When under heavy fire, Lazarus is there to make sure that no man is left behind.


- Lazarus is built for speed and mobility. She may not be as fast as Chronos or have as much defense as some of the heavier heroes, but when a fellow Agent lies injured on the battlefield, she can get there quick, fast, and in a hurry.


- Lazarus comes equipped with the Tactical Gear item, Revival Injector Mk.1. In the thick of combat, the team comes first, and Lazarus is always there to revive a downed Agent to keep the playing field level.



- Lazarus is also equipped with the Additional Depot item, Health Refill. She may be selfless for her team, but when the chaos of battle is center stage, she has to take care of herself too. A dead Lazarus does not lend herself well to team survival.


- Lazarus is equipped with the Premade Krane A4 ‘Lazarus’ Burstfire Rifle. This beast is lightweight, accurate, and has an extended clip. Lazarus is ready to lay down suppressive fire to ensure that her squad is able to make it to safety and woe be to the unlucky Agent who crosses her path!


- Lazarus is equipped with the Premade Secondary Taurex ‘Lazarus’ LPX Light Pistol. This Light Pistol has an extended clip and a red dot scope, When all else fails, Lazarus can punch holes through the staunchest of enemy combatants with ease… and she’ll just keep on punching.


- Lazarus is also equipped with the Custom Taunt, Kiss. Being a field medic it tough work, but that doesn’t mean you need to give up the bedside manner. What better way to send an Agent into the afterlife than blowing them a Kiss goodbye!






Primary Weapon: Krane A4 ‘Lazarus’


Stat Krane A4 ‘Lazarus’;
Damage 49
Ammo 40/160
Zoom 1.30
Spread - AIM 0.34
Spread - HIP 2.32
Spread - MOVE 4.43
Firerate 725
Reload 3.13
Scope In 0.16
Recoil 5.77
Range 46/86
Run 9.30




Secondary Weapon: Taurex ‘Lazarus’ LPX


Stat Taurex ‘Lazarus’ LPX;
Damage 40
Ammo 12/48
Zoom 0.65
Spread - AIM 1.06
Spread - HIP 2.65
Spread - MOVE 3.51
Firerate 600
Reload 1.45
Scope In 0.22
Recoil 2.89
Range 20/50
Run 9.73



Frag Grenade Mk.1

Digi Grenade Mk.1

Tactical Gear – Revival Injector Mk.1


Bonus Depot Item: Health Refill


Lazarus is free to use from maintenance 12/26 until maintenance 01/07. Lazarus will then be on sale from 01/07 until 11:59 PM PDT on 01/14.


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