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Gigantic 303: Guardian Health, Damage, and Shields

Автор: MO Evangelos
Вск 18 Июн 2017 03:03:00




Your GUARDIAN is a powerful ally, but is also the primary target of your enemy! Understanding how to defend your Guardian and knowing how to go toe-to-toe with the enemy one is the only way to emerge victorious.




Guardian health is divided into three distinct bars known as WOUNDS.

Each Wound represents a portion of its health pool; while the first Wound contains 25% of the Guardian's total health, the final Wound contains the most - nearly half of the Guardian's health pool.

During a Rampage, your team has an opportunity to damage the enemy Guardian. Dealing enough damage will "wound" the Guardian, removing a heart and advancing your team one step closer to victory. Remember: you need to Wound the enemy Guardian three times to win the match.

This means you’ll need to coordinate with your team to maximize the damage you're able to deal while the Guardian is vulnerable. Leaving a Wound with a single hit-point means your team has to win another power race to finish it off!

Total Health

24,000 hp


First Wound
6,000 hp
Second Wound
8,000 hp
Third Wound
10,000 hp



At the end of their rampage, the attacking Guardian will not only pin the enemy Guardian - making them vulnerable to your attacks - but will also deal damage to the enemy Guardian. This is indicated by a flashing segment on the defending Guardian's health bar.

If the Guardian's attack will deal enough damage to finish off the entire Wound, the heart will also flash, indicating an AUTOWOUND. An Autowound means that your team doesn't need to risk venturing into enemy territory to attack the enemy Guardian - as long as the defending team doesn't build enough shield - so pay attention and protect your Power Circles (and yourselves) if your Guardian will secure the Autowound.

If the heart is not flashing, it means it's time to prepare for the assault. Even if the defending Guardian has 100 shield, the attacking team can still damage and take the Wound.

Here's the formula for how much damage your Guardian will deal, based on the amount of shield built by the enemy team:

Guardian Attack Damage

3000 + (2000 × ((100 - Shield) / 100)) *

* Note that the attacking Guardian will deal a flat 1000 damage if the enemy team manages to build 100 shield. This is the only scenario when this formula does not apply.

* During the Clash, Guardian damage is multiplied by 1.5x.




While the enemy Guardian rampages across the map, the defending team has an opportunity to build SHIELD for their Guardian before it becomes vulnerable. Each action that built power previously – killing enemies and enemy creatures – now builds an equal amount of shield to protect your Guardian from incoming damage.

If the defending team manages to build 100 shield before their Guardian is pinned, their Guardian will negate a majority of the incoming damage. You can see the breakdown of how shields negate the enemy Guardian's damage and enemy Hero damage below.

Like Hero shields, Guardian shields absorb 85% of all incoming damage until it absorbs enough to break.


Enemy Guardian Damage

Shield Strength

0 Power
5000 dmg / 7500 dmg (Clash)
0 hp Shield
10 Power
4800 dmg / 7200 dmg (Clash)
70 hp Shield
20 Power
4600 dmg / 6900 dmg (Clash)
140 hp Shield
30 Power
4400 dmg / 6600 dmg (Clash)
210 hp Shield
40 Power
4200 dmg / 6300 dmg (Clash)
280 hp Shield
50 Power
4000 dmg / 6000 dmg (Clash)
350 hp Shield
60 Power
3800 dmg / 5700 dmg (Clash)
420 hp Shield
70 Power
3600 dmg / 5400 dmg (Clash)
490 hp Shield
80 Power
3400 dmg /  5100 dmg (Clash)
560 hp Shield
90 Power
3200 dmg / 4800 dmg (Clash)
630 hp Shield
100 Power
1000 dmg
700 hp Shield

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