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Notícias do Arc
Dragonborn Legend & Champion of the North Pack Sale!
12 Setembro, 2017

Face your foes with the Heavy Giant Spider Mount or as a Dragonborn with the Champion of the North and Dragonborn Legend Packs! These two packs are on sale on the PlayStation®Store only starting today, September 12 until Tuesday, September 19!

Both Packs will be 40% off for regular users and 60% off for PS+.

The Champion of the North Pack includes:

  • VIP game access to the Moonstone Mask tavern in Protector’s Enclave
  • Menzoberranzan Renegade race
  • Heavy Giant Spider Mount
  • Panther companion
  • Gilded Moonstone Regalia
  • “Champion of the North” Character title
  • Delzoun Treasure Box, guaranteed to contain an epic weapon or implement
  • Dust of Creation
  • Gond’s Endless Coffer of Pyrotechnics
  • 1 Retraining Token
  • 1 Extra Character slot


The Dragonborn Legend Pack includes:

  • Dragonborn Race
  • Dragonborn Warrior fashion outfit
  • Heart of the Red Dragon Artifact, bestowing great power that grows over time
  • Draconic Enchantment
  • Ring of Dragon Slaying
  • Race reroll token
  • Gemfinder Enchantment
  • 1 Extra character slot
  • Dragon Glyph Enchantments
  • Dragon Hoard (30 slot bag)
  • Dragonborn Ceremonial Fashion Outfits
  • Bahamut Regalia, a set of five powerful items blessed by the metallic dragon god Bahamut


Visit the PlayStation®Store 

Set 12th, 2017

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