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Earn Exclusive Companions Today!

Di DwightMC
ven 23 gen 2015 00:00:00 PST

Have you explored the Neverwinter Zen Market? It contains a variety of helpful items to aid you on your Adventures. To get you even more prepared for the fight ahead, we're excited to announce the start of a promotion to get you more rewards with your purchase!

Starting now until Monday January 26, 2015, whenever you transfer a certain Zen amount into Neverwinter, you’ll be rewarded with many exclusive companions, including the Harper Bard and Lava Galeb Duhr.

Charge Rewards Starts: Friday January 23, 2015 at 12:00 AM PST (Pacific)

Charge Rewards Ends: Monday January 26, 2015 at 11:59 PM PST (Pacific)

How does it work? During the promotion players will receive bonus reward items when they transfer a particular amount into Neverwinter. Each “tier” will reward you with all of that tier’s items and all subsequent tiers as well. Rewards will be given out on 1/27. This promotion does not include Steam Wallet transitions. All companions are single claim and Bind on Equip.

What are the rewards you could receive?

At least 500 Zen transferredSkeletal Dog

Details: When you transfer at least 500 Zen you will be rewarded with the Skeletal Dog. This dog was accidentally raised during Valindra’s attack and his loyalty to his master makes him the perfect companion to aid you on your adventures. The companion will be Bind on Equip.

At least 1,000 Zen transferredZhentarim Warlock (Along with all of the above items!)

Details: When you transfer at least 1,000 Zen you will be rewarded with Zhentarim Warlock. The Zhentarim are opportunistic merchants making a living wherever they can. This Zhentarim Warlock has agreed to join your party and you’ll be safe so long as this partnership remains profitable for her.

At least 2,000 Zen transferred: Redcap Powrie (Along with all of the above items!)

Details: Transfer at least 2,000 Zen during the promotion, will reward you with the Redcap Powrie Companion (along with the above rewards). The Redcaps are a spirited bunch of little murderers, which makes the Redcap Powrie an excellent companion to help you in dispatching your foes. The companion will be Bind on Equip.

At least 3,000 Zen transferred: Priestess of Sune (Along with the above item!)

Details: Players who transfer at least 3,000 Zen during the promotional period will receive everything above and the Priestess of Sune companion. A cleric of Sune isn’t often seen in battle but that doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to get their hands dirty. The Priestess of Sune is an excellent healing companion that will surely come in handy during battle. The companion will be Bind on Equip.

At least 5,000 transferred: Mystic Phoera (Along with all of the above items!)

Details: Players who transfer at least 5,000 Zen during the promotion will receive the Mystic Phoera Companion (Along with the above rewards). Created from the death of a Phoelarch, the Phoera is a firey birdlike creature that burns from the Elemental Chaos. This unique companion is blinded by rage and revenge making it a powerful companion to have alongside you. The companion will be Bind on Equip.

At least 7,500 transferred: Harper Bard (Along with all of the above items!)

Details: If you transfer at least 7,500 Zen during the promotion, you will receive the Harper Bard companion! Asked by the Harpers to aid you on your heroic adventures, the bards music will lift your spirts and also has a magical affect. The enchanted music will increase your defense and deflect along with increasing the targets power.

At least 10,000 transferred: Lava Galeb Dhur (Along with all of the above items!)

Details: Players who transfer at least 10,000 Zen during the promotion will receive all of the above companions and the exclusive Volcanic Galeb Dhur. This rare elemental can only arise where the membrane between the elemental planes of fire and earth are both weak. This volcanic companion is a great defender and will burn your foes using its devastating smash attack.

Are you excited for your chance at owning one of rarest companions in the game? Let us know on the official Neverwinter Forums.

*Note: All rewards can only be claimed once and all items will be BOE. Steam purchases do not qualify for this offer. 


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