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Patch Notes: Version: NW.85.20170808a.12

Di Julia (nitocris83)
mer 13 set 2017 17:18:59 PDT

Release Notes

Content and Environment


  • Mounted guards no longer attack training dummies.
    • Known Issue: While they wait for their mounts to return from training, the guards on either side of the Merchant Prince's Villa are currently sitting on the ground.
  • Repeatable Adventure quest map transitions now state the name of the quest on their interaction tooltip.


Combat and Powers


  • Charm of the Serpent: This artifact no longer double-casts under certain circumstances.
  • Charm of the Serpent: This artifact is no longer affected by cooldown reduction effects.


  • Netherese Warlock: This companion's Active Companion Bonus no longer deals decreased damage when weapon enhancements are equipped.

Item Powers

  • Chicken Voodoo Doll: This item's ability now properly displays an error message when it fails.
  • Executioner's Black Attire: This gear's powers no longer deal decreased damage when weapon enhancements are equipped.  (See report: here)


Items and Economy


  • Seals of the Protector vendor: The Relic armor from this store is now Bind to Account, rather than Bind to Character.  This change will not affect purchases made before this update.


User Interface

Home Page

  • Clicking the "Advance Your Professions!" ad in the Home Page now properly opens the Items category of the Zen Market, rather than an empty category.

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