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Xbox One Systems Spotlight: Queuing

Par Andy (StrumSlinger)
jeu. 26 mars 2015 12:14:41 PDT

In Neverwinter, queuing is the process of matchmaking for group content such as Dungeons, Skirmishes and PvP. If players are in a party, the party leader is the only one who may initiate the queue, no matter the amount of members in the party. If players do not have a party, they may queue themselves and be randomly matched with other players who have queued for the same content.

To queue, press the Menu button, scroll to the Quests section and press Queues. Select what you would like to queue for – some content requires you to be of a certain level or have a certain Gear Score – and wait for the queue to pop. When it does, press the View button and join! Once everyone accepts, you’ll be instantly transported to the requested instance.

If a player leaves PvP before the match is over, they will receive a penalty, which stops them from queuing for 20 minutes in order to prevent exploiting the queue system.

Knowing all this, it’s your turn to attempt a Dungeon or Skirmish run. Fire up those queues!

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Neverwinter for Xbox One will be available on March 31st. Check out the official page here.

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