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Swordsman: Gilded Wasteland - Update Now Live!

Par Alex
jeu. 14 mai 2015 09:59:14 PDT

Two weeks ago, our team introduced two new features coming to Swordsman: Gilded Wasteland in the United Guilds and E'mei Parkour including with the new zones. With the update now live, we wanted to highlight some additional features that are now playable in Swordsman: Gilded Wasteland including leveling changes and a Snow Town Contest. 

Leveling Changes

Based on community feedback and our continued look at the leveling curve for Swordsman: Gilded Wasteland, the team looked to adjust the leveling curve to ensure that players can get to high-level content at a quicker pace. Players can now visit Joe Chen - a new NPC in Luoyang - that offers additional quests that offer great experience rewards in exchange for completing instances. These instances can be started at level 40 and run through the level cap of 94. 


Snow Town Contest

Once the United Guilds have chosen their Alliance Leader, they can declare ware on another server. If that server's Alliance Leader accepts, the Snow Town Contest battlefield is opened on the defending server. For one hour the servers battle, the vicotr is the one with the highest battle score in the hour. Players receive special rewards for participating in the contest. 

Little Girl Figure Change

Female Infinity, Emei and Five Venoms disciples can change their character appearance to a little girl. There is a quest eligible characters to receive their first transformation item. An item is required each time a player wants to change between an adult female to a little girl, so more items are available on the marketplace. 

These features along with the ones we announced two weeks ago are all now live with the newest Swordsman: Gilded Wasteland update. 

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