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December Spend Rewards!

Par Fero
lun. 22 déc. 2014 10:00:00 PST

Spend Rewards

Stock up on useful items and get the protection of the new Swiss Guard companion. Spend Sycee in the Marketplace to instantly earn rewards sent directly to your mailbox. Read on to find out what you can earn.

*Make sure to keep your mailbox open and clear to properly receive all rewards!



Start Date: Monday, December 22nd @ 15:00 PST

End Date: Friday, December 26th @ 23:59 PST




Spend Rewards


During the promotion, just spend Sycee in the Marketplace to start earning rewards based on the amount spent. There are 3 tiers to what you can earn for yourself, and no limit on how many of the first two you may receive. As you hit the milestones, you receive your reward in the in-game mail, so you may go incrementally until you reach your goal.

For example, spend 1,500 Sycee to earn 3x Supreme Scorpion Crates. Spend 4,000 Sycee and receive 8x Supreme Scorpion Crates, 2x Gem Chest V, and 1x Swiss Guard companion.

The Supreme Scorpion Crate has crazy high drop chances and the highest quantities of all the Scorpion Crates! The Gem Chest V will grant you a blue LV5 Gem and an additional buff. The unique Swiss Guard companion will always have your back in the dangerous Jianghu!


Tier Sycee Amount Item
1 500
Supreme Scorpion Crate


Gem Chest V
3 4,000
Swiss Guard


Reward Distribution


  • The reward items will be sent to the purchasing character.
  • All items will be acquired through the in-game mail system.
  • The rewards you receive from this promotion are permanent.
  • The packs sent in the mail will be bound, but their contents will be unbound, so feel free to trade or sell the rewards!



*Make sure to keep your mailbox open and clear to properly receive all rewards!

Make sure to take advantage of this great promotion, especially for the first two tiers as there is no cap on the number of times you may receive them. This promotion ends on Friday, December 26th @ 23:59 PST, so make sure to make the most out it warriors!


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